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    • Removed: End of Shadow Warrior Quest End of Top up Reward Oct 7 - Oct 21 End of Helm of Shadow Refine Event Added: 2nd Job Suit Gacha NPC:  The Undead Warrior Quest:  Mask of Death Refine Event:  Top-up Reward updated Oct 21 - Nov 4:  Raffle Prizes for Top-up (Oct 21 - Nov 18) : AFK Points Reward now includes Increase Agility Scroll, Blessing Scroll, and Costume Sleeping Cat Hat.
    • Hi Aria, We will have another exciting quest for you. This quest will be available between October 21st 2020 to November 4th 2020 The Undead Warrior Quest will require you to register (per character). The registration fee is 25.000.000 Zeny. Remember that you need to register with the character you want to do the quest with. You can find the NPC in the main town (Prontera) near Kafra. You will need to collect these items: Mother nightmare x1 Pellet x2 (Evil Snake Lord) Muscovite x3 Biotite x3 Pyroxene x3 Rose Quartz x3 Treasure box x50 HandCuffs x50 Celebration Ticket x5 Upon completing this quest, you will receive 1x Mask of Death.   The first 5 players who complete this quest will be awarded extra rewards: 25.000 CP 5x Enriched Elunium 5x Enriched Oridecon 1x Raffle Ticket
    • Hi Aria! To continue our refinement event, between the period of October 21 – November 4 we will have Mask of Death Refine Event. You can obtain Mask of Death from the The Undead Warrior Quest or from our Top-Up Reward Event. If you successfully refine the headgear to +7 you will receive the following gift: 50.000 Cash Points Random Headgear Box VIP 30 days Kafra Card Box (10) x2 Special Costume (for the first 5 players) - C. Divine Cotseas Black and 1 Raffle Ticket  Once you have successfully refine the required headgear, please get in touch with one of our GM teams. PLEASE READ: TO CLAIM THE PRIZE YOU WILL NEED TO POST A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR REFINEMENT SUCCESS. PLEASE POINT YOUR CURSOR TO YOUR CHARACTER NAME. CHARACTER NAME NEEDS TO BE DISPLAYED CLEARLY Prizes cannot be claimed by the usage of Armor Safe Refine+7 Limited costume can only be claimed once per IP per user no exception
    • Hi Aria Members, For the period of October 21 - November 4, we will be giving out bonuses for donations as following: (THIS EVENT WILL INCLUDE RAFFLE TICKET, PLEASE SEE THE FORUM HERE FOR PRIZES) For every 150.000 Rupiah or $10*, players will receive one of these bonuses (player's choice): 2x Pandora Gashapon box, 1 VIP card 7 days, 1x Bubble Gum box (150k Reward Box 1) 6x Enriched Elu, 1x VIP card 7 days, 1x Bubble Gum box. (150k Reward Box 2) BOTH OF THESE PRIZES CAN BE ACCUMULATED. For every 50.000 Rupiah or $3.4**, players will receive a box full of consumables. 10 Box of Resentment 10 Box of Gloom 10 Box of Drowsiness For RP 250.000 or $17* players may choose 1 Limited Costume (Upper/Middle/Lower):    For RP 500.000 or $34*, players may choose to get 1 Mask of Death (Assassin Cross Headgear):               For EVERY RP 1.000.000 or $68*, players will receive 1 Garment Enchant Stone - This stone can be used to enchant 1 Garment Costume.               PLEASE NOTE THAT THE HEADGEAR AND COSTUME CLAIM WILL BE SUBTRACTED FROM THE TOTAL OF YOUR DONATION BALANCE. EXAMPLE: 1.000.000 TOTAL BALANCE WILL GIVE YOU OPTION TO CLAIM FOR 2 COSTUME AND 1 HEADGEAR. EXAMPLE: 1.000.000 TOTAL BALANCE WILL GIVE YOU 2 Headgears, 1 Enchant Garment Stone, 6x 150k Reward, 18x Consumables box Bonus CP 10% for any amount of donations *Exchange rate could change depending on the dollar to rupiah exchange ** With assumption that $10 converts to 150.000 rupiah
    • Hi Aria! Between October 21st to November 18th, every 50k IDR or $3.4 USD* donation will give you an entry (one ticket) to our raffle prizes Yes you are reading it right, we will have two separate top-up events (with different rewards) with raffle entry (21 October - 4 November and 4 November - 18 November)   Here are the prizes:   Mask of Berserk (Lord Knight Headgear) CP 150.000 Enchant Costume 3rd / 2nd Job (Choose 1 Stone) Black Iris Crown (White Smith Headgear) CP 200.000 Enchant Costume 3rd / 2nd Job (Choose 1 Stone) Mask of Death (Assassin Cross Headgear) Costume Pitch Black Evil Druid (Headgear) Enchant Costume 3rd / 2nd Job (Choose 1 Stone) 20x enchant fragment stone Peacock Hat (Sniper Headgear) Costume Horse King (Headgear) Black Sakkat (Ninja Headgear) Gaming Mouse Costume Evil Druid Cross (Garment) Costume Over Protector (Headgear) Safe Refine +5 Weapon Gaming Keyboard Costume Wing of Heart (Garment) 100.000.000 zeny Safe Refine +6 Armor Costume Evil Druid Cross (Garment) Gaming Mouse Pad Goblin Leader Egg Enchant Garment Stone Safe Refine +7 Armor CP 500.000 2nd Job Costume (Free Pick) 3rd Job Costume (Free Pick) Laptop Asus X441BA *Exchange rate could change depending on the dollar to rupiah exchange
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