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    • Changelog: New Weekly 7v7 Classic Tournament [Please Register]:  New Snow Angel Gacha Box:  New Ramadhan Quest:  New Top-up Raffle Prize Pool:  Added 3 new Sacred Weapons:  Updated Fishing with Weekly Ranking:  Updated Old Glast Heim Shadow Gear Refine NPC:  Announcement of BGR season 4 headgear costume prizes:  Adjusted the rate of Ancient Armor Enchant to be 75, 60, 50 from 70, 50, 40 previously Emperium War Breaker changed to Knight New commands [Case Senstitive]: @viewfilter -> Disable Costume View @packetfilter -> will help to filter out some options to reduce fps lag @battleinfo -> Battle Information to display which skill killed your character Removed Evil Gacha Box
    • Aria Ragnarok 7v7 Classic Weekly Tournament Wednesday 21:00 Server Time   Rules: Job 2-2 (Knight, Crusader, Assassin, Rogue, Monk, Sage, etc) No Extended Classes (No Soul linker, Taekwon, Gunslinger, Ninja) No Duplicate Job Enable PvP HP Pot and SP Pot (1z in Tool dealer) Disable Speed Pot and Box of Sunlight Disable YGG Berry, Seed, Leaf, and Token Disable MVP and Mini Boss Card Disable Flame Skull, Evil Druid, and Marc Card Disable Kafra Card PvP based Arena Disconnected = Death [Unless fault is from the server / mass disconnect] WoE Rental Equip will be enabled No Sacred Weapon No Custom Headgear (Peacock Hat, Black Iris Crown, etc) Disable some headgears (No Skull cap, Fireman Hat, Black Beret, Shinobi Sakkat, Drooping Alicel, Divine Helm, Flaming Ten-Gallon Hat, Ayothaya King's Hat, Devilring Hat, Elmo Helmet) No costume view (Job 2, Job 3, JRO, Job 4 Suit included) All party members will be debuffed after entering the arena Healer and Kafra will be available inside Minimum 2 parties per week for the event to start If there are uneven number of parties, it will be league system instead of tournament style - league system is based on points, every team will face each other once REGISTER YOUR GROUP VIA DISCORD, FACEBOOK, OR DIRECTLY TO GAME MASTERS (GM, CM, CS ARIA) TO PROCEED/PARTICIPATE Prizes: Winner:  100.000 Cash point per player 5x Bloody Branch per player 10x Box of Resentment per player 10x Box of Gloom per player 10x Box of Drowsiness per player 10x Box of Sunlight per player 10x Light Potion Box per player Each member will receive Golden Majestic Goat Rental Costume Headgear! This costume will expire every week and will be rotated for the winner of the week Participation: 10.000 Cash point per player 2x Bloody Branch per player 5x Light Potion Box per player
    • List of items that you can get from this box: (Upper) C Awake Instinct White - 5% (Mid) C Fox Doll - 5% (Low) C Survive Orb - 5% (Garment) C Wing of Michael - 2% Crown of Deceit- 2% Moon Rabbit Hat- 2% Enchant Garment Stone - 1% Weapon Enchant Stone - 1% Steamed Tongue 2 pcs - 50% Steamed Scorpion 2 pcs - 50% Dragon Breath Cocktail 2 pcs - 50% Hwergelmir Tonic 2 pcs - 50% Cooked Nine Tail Tails 2 pcs - 50% Stew Of Immortality 2 pcs - 50% HD Oridecon - 2% HD Elunium - 2% Bloody Branch 2 pcs - 10% Token of Siegfried 1 Box - 50%
    • NEW RAMADHAN QUEST !!  It's REPEATABLE! 16/04/2021 - 12/05/2021   Hi Aria! To celebrate the month of Ramadhan, we have added a new event / NPC for Ramadhan Quest. You can start the quest by speaking to Mang Kupat in Payon (Right in the middle of spawn area)  Mang Kupat will ask you to collect 100x Ketupat and 5x Acorn   You can obtain Ketupat from Bandit Girl and Bandit Archer (Special Event Monsters) that are located in Payon Field 08   Once you have collected these items, speak again to Mang Kupat and he will give you: 1x Idul Fitri Raffle Ticket  50x Ketupat Sayur            Additionally, you will also receive one of these items in random: 10k Cashpoints 3x Ramadhan [Consumables pot] Random Dish+10 HD Elunium HD Oridecon Bloody Branch Aria Ticket x3 Fragment Enchant Stone And if you lucky enough you can get jackpot of Relic Garment Box On 13/05/2021 we will count all of the Idul Fitri Raffle Tickets and we will go live to pick the winners. Here are the prizes you can get: CP 50k Zeny 50.000.000  BDB 20 Peacock Hat  Bison Horn  20x FES  Mask Of Death 25x Aura Gacha box Black Iris Crown 25x Garment Gacha box  Shinobi Sakkat CP 100k Zeny 100.000.000 Helm of Shadow ( Custome HG Assassin ) Valkyrie Armor 25 Job 4 Gacha box Variant Shoes Job 2 Free Pick  Safe Refine +5 Armor  Safe Refine +5 Weapon  Refine Armor +6  Refine Weapon +6   Relic Garment box   Sacred Weapon bebas pilih x2   Job 3 / JRO / Job 4 Free Pick
    • LIST OF PRIZES: NEW:  For Every RP 6.000.000 or 410*, players will receive cashback worth of 1 gram of Antam gold. 1   HD Oridecon x10 2    Azure Guitar (Sacred Weapon) 3    50.000.000 Zeny 4    Twin Slicer (Sacred Weapon) 5    Enchant Costume 3rd / 2nd Job (Choose 1 Stone) 6    BDB 25x 7    Weapon Enchant Stone x3 8    Aria Ticket x50 9    150.000CP 10    Shinobi's Sakkat 11    100.000.000 Zeny 12    SAFE REFINE +6 ARMOR 13    Gacha Box bebas pilih x20 14    CASINO COIN 100 15   Aura Gacha Box x30 16    200k CP 17    KEYBOARD GAMING 18    Dragon Bane (Sacred Weapon) 19    Brightkiller (Sacred Weapon) 20    MOUSEPAD GAMING 21    SAFE REFINE +6 WEAPON 22    250.000.000 Zeny 23    FIREMAN HAT 24    4TH GACHA 30 BOX 25    COSTUME RELIX BOX (RANDOM) 26    SAFE REFINE +7 ARMOR 27    JOB 2 FREE PICK 28    1x Ancient Armor (Free pick 1 piece) 29    C Dreadlord Wings 30    HORN OF BUFFALO 31    BDB 25x 32    HEADSET Gaming 33    VARIANT SHOES 34    C Wings of Michael 35    FREE ENCHANT GARMENT 36    SAFE REFINE +7 ARMOR 37    RELIC FREE PICK 38    C Genesis Wings 39    MOUSE GAMING 40    60x Fragment Enchant Stone 41    FREE ENCHANT COSTUME - Costume Job 3/ JRO/ Job 2 or Garment Enchant 42    500K CP 43    2x Free Pick Sacred Weapon (past and current) 44    Bloodied Shackle Ball 1x 45    Tower Defense Box x20 46    Free Enchant Armor Stat 3 47    FREE SUMMON MVP 1x 48    JOB 3 ALTERNATIVE FREE PICK 49    JOB 3 Free Pick 50    Electric Scooter - Xiaomi 
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