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    • Added Father's Moustache, C. Little Devil Wing, and C. Cupid's Pink Wing Daily Quest can now be taken 3 times a day(6 Hours Delay) Added new Cash Shop Permanent equipment: - Ramen Hat, Satanic Chain, Blazing Soul Start of KoE Event (27/09/2020) More details click here Start of WoE Event (29/09/2020) More detail click here Added Endless Tower Reward: 10.000 Cash Points and 2 Quest Points per member Removed Celebration Quest but Aria Kids still enabled! Added new command @battlestats
    • UPDATE:   We noticed that there were players who were abusing a bug in the voting system (we stopped the poll right at 7:00 am GMT +7, but we kept it at the forum so people can see the result), however those with the link to the poll could still continue the voting and EVEN spammed it with multiple votes.  However, we have all the data necessary on our back-end to cut and slice the data to eliminate the votes beyond 7:00 am GMT+7 and to show the result without duplicate IPs voting multiple times. Here are some data we can share with you to make sure the result is as fair as possible. (No multiple votes from the same LAN IP and before 7:00 am GMT+7) Screenshot of result taken at 22/09/20 07:04 AM GMT+7   Raw footage of one of the admins doing the data count: (Note, this is an actual recording of us getting the final result. Apologies for some typos, please watch the video until the end for the full graph and result)   With that being said, our WoE will happen every Tuesday and Friday 9:00 pm GMT - 10:00 pm GMT. This decision is final based on the fair data we have. We will add rules and detailed prizes after the maintenance tomorrow.   Thank you and sorry for the wait!
    • 1 : Gunslinger 2: Al Pacino 3: ? 4: ? 5: ?
    • 1 : Cricket 2: Lord Xeen 3: Bloodyzz 4: MILF 5: Vanmort
    • Hi Aria, Next in our list of Events is the King of Emperium event. This event will start Sunday, 27 September at 9:00 pm GMT+7. The KoE will be active between 9:00 pm to 9:45 pm GMT+7. Rules: Max 20 players per guild No Ally No Loki's Veil Gameplay: To join the event, you must be in a guild. You and your guild members have to conquer the map by breaking the Emperium that is located in the center of the map. Before breaking the Emperium, you need to destroy all barricades around it before you can hit the Emperium. Upon breaking the Emperium all other players, that are not registered in the same guild as the player that broke the Emperium, will be warped out of the map. This event last long for 45 minutes. Prize Pool: Last Guild Conquerer: Special rental aura for each period 15k CP per guild member 1 Unique permanent equipment from Item Mall (will be different each week) per guild 3x Bubble Gum Box 1 Enriched Elunium box 1 Enriched Oridecon box Longest Guild Defense: (Cannot be combined with Last Guild Conquerer) 15k cp per guild member 3x Bubble Gum Box 1 Enriched Elunium box 1 Enriched Oridecon box Participant: 5k cp per guild member          
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