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    • List of items that you can get from this box:   (Upper) Costume Grace (White)- 5% (Mid) Costume Abreezeling - 5% (Low) Costume  Aura Sheen (White) - 5% (Garment) Costume Wing Sacred - 2% Crown of Deceit - 2% Skull Cap - 2% Enchant Garment Stone - 1% Steamed Tongue 2 pcs - 50% Steamed Scorpion 2 pcs - 50% Dragon Breath Cocktail 2 pcs - 50% Hwergelmir Tonic 2 pcs - 50% Cooked Nine Tail Tails 2 pcs - 50% Stew Of Immortality 2 pcs - 50% HD Oridecon - 2% HD Elunium - 2% Bloody Branch 2 pcs - 10% Token of Siegfried 1 Box - 50%
    • Change log: Remove PVP Consumables NPC Add Cultivation Pill and PvP Speed Pot to Special Tool Dealer Switch the Devil Dungeon and Hunting Mission NPC location Added a room for Server Information NPC, Job master and Reset Girl Added Epic Weapon Gacha Box as one of the items in NPC Gacha Zeny Machine Added World Boss NPC:  Added Tree of Savior Solo Instance NPC:  Added Potion Dungeon NPC:  Added November Gashapon Box:  Removed October Gashapon Box Added Casino Royale NPC (COMING SOON!)
    • The Mazel Forest   You can find the NPC Aluka in Prontera (142, 180), speak to the NPC to get into Mazel Forest. In Mazel Forest, you will see two unique monsters: Boiled Rice which has a chance to drop Light Blue Herb Eggring which has a chance to drop Light White Herb   Go back to Aluka when you are finished, and exchange your light white herb and light blue herb into light white pot and light blue pot. Each brew will require 1x empty bottle and 3,500 zeny.  
    • Tree of Savior   Find NPC "The Other Dimension" in Prontera (177, 189) to start the instance. The Tree of Savior Instance can only be entered by 1 player. There will be 40 floors to complete. There will be no EXP no drops from this instance. Every week each ID will be locked to how many floors it can clear, you can enter the instance as many times as you want. For instance, Player A can enter the instance 10 times a day (or more), but if he / she can only get to floor 10 at the end of the week, he or she will only get 10 coins (1 coin per floor). The max you can get each week is 40 coins (if you clear the 40th floor). The coins will be given every week on Wednesday 00:00 GMT+7. You can exchange the coins you get to the NPC for some cool rewards.
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