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    • Change log: (Please check "Events" section of our forum) - http://www.aria-ro.net/forum/index.php?/forum/3-events/ Added Snake Head, Mask of Berserk and Helm of Shadow to Item Mall Removed Fireman Hat from Item Mall Updated ToS / The Other Dimension Instance (Including new obtainable items from the instance): http://www.aria-ro.net/forum/index.php?/topic/80-tree-of-savior-tower-instance-updated/ Update duration of Emper Breaker War from 45 minutes to 30 minutes This week job for Emper Breaker War is Thief King of Emperium - updated rules to be only for Job 2 Update Top-up Reward (Jan 13 - Jan 27) Update information for Third Golden Emperium Event (Starts Jan 19) Update Headgear Quest (Jovian) - Jan 13 - Jan 27 Cruiser Hat and Divine Helm Refine Event Added JRO and 2nd Job Enchant in Prontera   Removed: Top-up reward Dec 30 - Jan 13 Aria Headgear Quest Dec 30 - Jan 13 Devilring and Fireman Hat Refine Event  
    • NPC Location [Jovian]: Prontera [158, 186] Requirements: 35x Cursed Seal 300x Old White Cloth  200x White Mask  200x Tattered Clothes  2x Ice Scale 30x PvP coin 5x Celebration ticket 15.000.000 Zeny 50x Event Tickets Rewards:
    • Hi Aria! To continue our refinement event, between the period of December 13 – January 27  we will have Divine Helm and Cruiser Hat Refine Event. Divine Helm is obtainable from Top-up Reward Cruiser Hat is obtainable from Aria Quest [Jovian] If you successfully refine Divine Helm or Cruiser Hat to +7 you will receive the following gift: 50.000 Cash Points Random Headgear Box VIP 30 days Kafra Card Box (10) x2 Special Costume (for the first 5 players) - C. Dragon Scale Helm White   If you successfully refine Divine Helm or Cruiser Hat to +8 you will receive the following gift: 450.000 Cash Points Once you have successfully refine the required headgear, please get in touch with one of our GM teams. PLEASE READ: TO CLAIM THE PRIZE YOU WILL NEED TO POST A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR REFINEMENT SUCCESS. PLEASE POINT YOUR CURSOR TO YOUR CHARACTER NAME. CHARACTER NAME NEEDS TO BE DISPLAYED CLEARLY - Please send this info to the GM Team Prizes cannot be claimed by the usage of Armor Safe Refine+7 Limited costume can only be claimed once per IP per user no exception
    • Hi Aria Members, For the period of January 13 - January 27, we will be giving out bonuses for donations as following: Donations made between December 30 - January 27 will include Raffle ticket(s)). For list of prizes please click Here For every 150.000 Rupiah or $10*, players will receive one of these bonuses (player's choice): 2x Latest Gashapon box, 1 VIP card 7 days, 1x Bubble Gum box (150k Reward Box 1) 6x Enriched Elu, 1x VIP card 7 days, 1x Bubble Gum box. (150k Reward Box 2) BOTH OF THESE PRIZES CAN BE ACCUMULATED. For every 50.000 Rupiah or $3.4**, players will receive a box full of consumables. 10 Box of Resentment 10 Box of Gloom 10 Box of Drowsiness For RP 250.000 or $17* players may choose 1 Limited Costume (Upper/Middle/Lower):    For RP 350.000 or $25*, players may choose to get 1x Divine Helm[1] or Fireman Hat[1] or Peacock Hat[1]                [NEW] For RP 500.000 or $34*, players may choose to opt for any "Permanent Equipment" on Cash shop equals to 200.000 CP instead of the costumes or limited headgear. Has to be in items, cannot be added as Cash Points. For EVERY RP 1.000.000 or $68*, players will receive 1 Garment Enchant Stone - This stone can be used to enchant 1 Garment Costume.               PLEASE NOTE THAT THE HEADGEAR AND COSTUME CLAIM WILL BE SUBTRACTED FROM THE TOTAL OF YOUR DONATION BALANCE. EXAMPLE: RP 1.000.000 / $68 TOTAL BALANCE WILL GIVE YOU OPTION TO CLAIM FOR 2 COSTUME AND 1 HEADGEAR. EXAMPLE: RP 1.000.000 / $68 TOTAL BALANCE WILL GIVE YOU 2 Headgears, 1 Enchant Garment Stone, 6x 150k Reward, 18x Consumables box Bonus CP 10% for any amount of donations *Exchange rate could change depending on the dollar to rupiah exchange ** With assumption that $10 converts to 150.000 rupiah
    • Hi Aria, We are happy to announce our third Golden Emperium Event. It will be point based. We are changing the WoE days to be Tuesday and Thursday 21.00 - 22.00 Server time. First WoE will start at Tuesday 19th January 2021 and will last for 11 periods. Last WoE would be Tuesday, 23th February 2021 (If no winner and runner up determined by then). Voting in regards to the total members, allowed items, etc is now LIVE in our discord channel. Please cast your vote! Voting will be closed Sunday, 17/01/2021 at 07.00 am server time Rules (We may add a few more): NO ALLY - 2nd guild is NOT allowed Guild(s) which proven guilty of Alliance will be deducted 3 points. Please record and send proof to GM team if you think any guilds violate this term. Every guild will need to register prior to the start of the event. (You can join in the middle of the event as long as you have registered to the GM team) No Mini Boss and MvP Cards 1 hour active time Total of Members TBA First Edition Castle on Tuesday and Second Edition Castle on Thursday Disable Loki's Veil Woe Castles: TUESDAY: Bright Arbor Thursday:  Mardol Castle holder for each period will get 1 point Disable Custom Headgear (Peacock hat, Mask of Berserk, Mask of Death, Black Iris Crown, Gambler Hat, Helm of Shadow) If your guild has more than the total allowed member within the active castle, the excess member will get kicked out of the castle. All guild is now forbidden to use any rolling castle method (use second guild / ally guild to break the Emperium in order to defend the castle and regain control).  The guild(s) which get caught using this method or tactic will be disqualified. Prize: Winner: (with most points) RP 2.500.000 (can be converted to USD based on the exchange rate)  5.000.000 Cash point  50x Bloody Branch 20x Dish Boxes 10 200x Box of Resentment 200x Box of Gloom 200x Box of Drowsiness 200x Box of Sunlight 350x Light Potion Box Special Headgear costume for each member (Based on the average of online members) - Costume Beelzebub Crown Special Permanent Aura  TBD Job 3 costume of your choice (1 item per GUILD not member) - Can be JRO or Regular 3rd Job costume 5x Weapon Gacha Box  20x Gashapon box (can choose between the available boxes) Runner up: (Minimum 5 members and participate 4 times) RP 500.000 (can be converted to USD based on the exchange rate)  2.000.000 Cash point (Based on the average of people online, the cash point will be adjusted based on the actual average of online members per period) 30x Bloody Branch 10x Dish Boxes 10 100x Box of Resentment 100x Box of Gloom 100x Box of Drowsiness 100x Box of Sunlight 200x Light Potion Box Limited Headgear costume for each member (Based on the average of online members) - C. Nekomimi Cyber Headgear 3x Weapon Gacha Box  10x Gashapon box (can choose between the available boxes) Participation: (Minimum 5 members and participate 4 times) 1.000.000 Cash point (Based on the average of people online, the cash point will be adjusted based on the actual average of online members per period) 15x Bloody Branch 5x Dish Boxes 10 50x Box of Resentment 50x Box of Gloom 50x Box of Drowsiness 50x Box of Sunlight 100x Light Potion Box Lower Costume from Item Mall for each member (Based on the average of online members) - C. Poring Soap Pipe 5x Gashapon box
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