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  1. Daily Login Reward Hello Aria Mania! We just finished implementing Daily Login today (04/07/2021) THIS MONTH DAILY LOGIN STARTS FROM 7TH OF APRIL - 12TH OF MAY 2021. It looked like this: How to claim them?? You have to log in to the game at least ONCE per day, with maximum of 20 days. If you forgot to log in the next day, it won't reset your reward back to day 1 (it will continue to day 2, 3, and so on. As long as you claim the reward by finishing a simple task that will be explained shortly). Daily login are Account Bound. 1 day per 1 char of your choice. (yes, you can put it on your storage. and the progress of every char THAT ARE ON THE SAME ID will be the same). There will be Monsters of the Month that you need to kill every day to claim your Daily Login (relax it won't be that hard and won't take much of your time). The location of the monsters will be at Main Town (Payon), so you can hangout with other players while the monsters are roaming throughout the place. After you finished the quest, you may now able to claim your Daily Login reward. The reward will be sent to your Mail. Keep doing this untill you get the Grand Prize, which are available on 20th day every month. Good luck!! This month's Monster will be Aria Villain !
  2. CHANGE LOG 04/07/2021: Fixed Aria Defense of the Ancient wave monster for not grouping and scattered throughout the map are now binded near each other. Increased the rate for Aria Tower Defense box Ancient Armor to 8% from 3% previously MVP from Aria DotA Instance will now drop 3x Tower Defense box instead of 2 Added MORE HAIRSTYLE to the Stylist NPC (need some change for the fashion, eh?) Updated Champion Versus Champion PVP Map are now automatically removing all equip (and costume) upon entering. EXCEPT Weapon and Accessories. Emperium War Breaker job changed to Gunslinger NEW - Golden Emperium Season 5 Announced: NEW - Streamers and Guild Masters Benefits! please read forum below: Added new command Show Party Buffs to the game (@spb) so now you can track each member's buff through Party Windows that are in the same group. Format: [BAFS+] Nickname B: Blessing A: Agi F: Full Chemical Protection S: Soul Linker's Spirit +: Devotion Ended Top-Up Raffle event (GM team will stream for the winner this evening). Added new feature to the game: Daily Login/Daily Attendance Added New Top-Up Reward 04/07/2021 Added Retro Gashapon Box to the Cash Shop: Updated Jovian Headgear Quest:
  3. Gacha box that are imbued with items that was once available in Aria, get the chance to feel those Nostalgic Open BETA feelings! This week hot items are: (Upper) Costume Eleanor Wig WHT - 5% (Mid) C Floating Role Ball - 5% (Low) Costume Smiling Eyes - 5% (Upper) Costume Nekomimi Cat Ears - 5% (Mid) Costume Mobile Pursuit - 5% (Low) Costume Cat Ears Short - 5% (Upper) C Reindeer Muffles Hat - 5% (Mid) Costume DESSENCE BLUE - 5% (Low) C Starlight Shawl BLUE - 5% And another items, such as: Cruiser Hat [1] - 2% Fireman Hat [1] - 2% Enchant Garment Stone - 1% Weapon Enchant Stone - 1% Steamed Tongue 2 pcs - 50% Steamed Scorpion 2 pcs - 50% Dragon Breath Cocktail 2 pcs - 50% Hwergelmir Tonic 2 pcs - 50% Cooked Nine Tail Tails 2 pcs - 50% Stew Of Immortality 2 pcs - 50% HD Oridecon - 2% HD Elunium - 2% Bloody Branch 2 pcs - 10% Token of Siegfried 1 Box - 50%
  4. APRIL GACHA BOX COSTUME SET: (Upper) Costume Eleanor Wig - 5% (Mid) Costume World Star - 5% (Low) Costume Overflowing WHT - 5% (Garment) C Rogue Relic WHT - 2% Black Feather Beret - 2% Skull Cap - 2% Enchant Garment Stone - 1% Weapon Enchant Stone - 1% Steamed Tongue 2 pcs - 50% Steamed Scorpion 2 pcs - 50% Dragon Breath Cocktail 2 pcs - 50% Hwergelmir Tonic 2 pcs - 50% Cooked Nine Tail Tails 2 pcs - 50% Stew Of Immortality 2 pcs - 50% HD Oridecon - 2% HD Elunium - 2% Bloody Branch 2 pcs - 10% Token of Siegfried 1 Box - 50%
  5. CHANGE LOG 03/31/2021 BGR INFO: We have added 1 period to commemorate Good Friday on April 2nd 2021, so there will be no BGR Activites on Friday this week. BGR will now end on April 13th 2021. UPDATED Aria Defense of the Ancient (Launch Week): Fixed bug in which Crypt does not spawn in Medusa once the Ally Tower has been destroyed Fixed bug to end instance when Medusa dies Fixed bug with Lady Jungle spawns incorrectly Removed Land Protector from Enemy Tower Added Ancient Armor sets into the Tower Defense Gacha Box UPDATED Armor Sets from Aria Tower Defense are now implemented! UPDATED Sacred Weapon for Knight, and Merchant Classes UPDATED Guild Migration Reward Box UPDATED Champion Versus Champion (New Season) UPDATED Garment Gacha Box ADDED April Gacha Box to Cash Shop Fixed CvC NPC Description from Sunday 21.00 to Friday 22.15 PM Emperium War Breaker Job changed to Creator
  6. To continue our refinement event, between the period of April 7th - April 21st we will have our "Equipment Refine Event". The equipment, and the required refine upgrades needed are: Elemental Sword (+10) Cross Shield (+9) Elmo Helmet (+8) Drooping Alice (+8) Moon Rabbit Hat (+8) *important notes You only have to upgrade 1 (one) of the equipment to its refine requirement. Rewards: If you successfully refine one of the equipment as required, you will receive the following gifts: 250.000 Cash Point Limited headgear (For the first 5 players): Upper - C Dragon Skull Helm BLK Once you have successfully refine the required items, please get in touch with one of our GM teams. PLEASE READ: TO CLAIM THE PRIZE YOU WILL NEED TO POST A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR REFINEMENT SUCCESS. PLEASE POINT YOUR CURSOR TO YOUR CHARACTER NAME. CHARACTER NAME NEEDS TO BE DISPLAYED CLEARLY - Please send this info to the GM Team Prizes cannot be claimed by the usage of Armor or Weapon Safe Refine +6, +7 and above. Limited costume can only be claimed once per IP per user no exception
  7. NEW! THE FIRST AND THE MOST UNIQUE RAGNAROK FUSION INSTANCE OBJECTIVES: DEFEND TOWERS, KILL THE BOSS. *We would like to say THANK YOU for players who were participating in the BETA TESTING WEEK, your feedbacks are so great it motivates us to do the improvements, we're sending out some love to every Aria Players out there. Cheers for more Instances in near future! :)) Map area that will be used for this instance are replicated from one of the famous MOBA game. GAMEPLAY SUMMARY: Players will be spawned in the designated area There will be 3 (Three) lanes, TOP, MIDDLE, and BOTTOM lanes. Each lane will spawn GOLEM TOWER that you need to defend at all costs. Monsters will spawn near your Golem Tower and start attacking them if you do not clear the wave / spawn within the time limit. While defending your tower, you need to proceed to enemy towers and destroy them. A boss monster will appear after the enemy towers are destroyed. Kill the bosses to win the game. There will be jungle monsters that will aid you on this instance 90 minutes to clear the instance There will be traps all over the maps (Clucker effect), you can disable this by killing the Lady Jungle monster. GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH: Talk to the NPC at Instance Room You will be spawned in the designated area Click Dragon Knight NPC to trigger the instance, there will be 30 seconds interval before the game starts There are 3 (Three) Lanes: TOP, MIDDLE, and BOTTOM. Each lanes will spawn GOLEM TOWER (total of 3) that you need to defend at all costs Notes: Friendly fire is enabled for Golem Tower. Becareful to not hit it too much! Enemies will be spawned on each lane (Top, Mid, and Bottom), you have to kill them under 3 (three) minutes for each wave. If you fail to do so, monsters will be spawn directly to your tower. (every lane has their own wave to complete, there will be 9 waves on each lane before proceeding to the MVPs.) After you cleared the 1st wave on one of the lanes, you may proceed and move to the 2nd wave, and 3rd wave while at the same time plan your strategy so that enemies on each lane won't make it through your defense line and attacking your Medusette. IF YOUR MEDUSA IS KILLED, THEN YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE After you cleared number of waves, Enemy tower will automatically spawned on one of the lane that you're heading: First enemy tower will be spawned on the designated lane after the 3rd wave Second enemy tower will be spawned on the designated lane after the 5th wave Third enemy tower will be spawned on the designated lane after the 7th wave P.S. Crypt (the monsters that will spawn on your ally turret) will not spawn when the Skull Tower appears on each respective lane. Skull Tower will drop Catalyst an item that in the future will be used to enchant the DotA armor. When you successfully tearing down all of the enemy towers, Lord of Dragonest will appear at the other side of the map. Plan on how you approach it and defeat the monster before your tower and your Medusa is killed! There are 3 LoDs that needs to be killed. After you kill the MVP, it will drop TOWER DEFENSE BOX and get the chance to grab the ANCIENT ARMOR SETS (see link: http://www.aria-ro.net/forum/index.php?/topic/279-aria-dota-armor-sets-new/ for further info) After you kill all 3 Lord of Dragonest, Talk to Zeus to finish the instance, and you'll get Aria Omricon Box and 10.000 Cash Point on the way out. ----------------------------------------------------- BONUS / EXTRAS: There will be JUNGLE MONSTERS to remove debuff traps that are spread accross the maps, getting buff, add more buff, and etc Jungle Monster List: (Angel): Replicate VIP Buff, 6 minutes respawn - Top 83 235, Bot 229 53 (Lady Jungle): Disable Clucker for 2 minutes, 4 minutes respawn - Top 154 315, Bot 311 174 (Rose): HP+10% buff for 5 minutes, respawn in 10 minutes - Top 241 318, Bot 327, 222 Roshan: Attack+ 100 Aspd+ 5% MATK+ 100 for 4 minutes, respawn in 15 minutes - Mid 256, 190 -----------------------------------------------------------------
  8. CHANGE LOG: Added Aria Defense of the Ancient instance (BETA TESTING WEEK) New Top-up Reward 03/24/2021 New Equipment Refine Event: Jovian Quest Updated: Aria Instance Reworked: Last Man Standing: Changed to once per 2 hours instead of 3 hours. Added Garment Gacha Box for the rewards. No dual clients are now implemented for this instance. 1.000 Cash Points will be added if you win the instance. Devil Square: Added chances to get Weapon Enchant Stone from the reward box Added chances to get Fragment Enchant Stone from the reward box Added chances to get +10 dish from the reward box You'll get 2500 Cash Points per completion. Boss monsters updated (Osiris, Kiehl, Dracula, Dark Lord) each one has the chance to drop the item for sacred weapon requirements. Add Disguise Box at Mall (you can trade this with event ticket) and grab the chances to get dish +10, Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, Dish +5, and many more. Updated Tree of Savior rewards: Added Fragment Enchant Stone to the Mission Shop (5 tickets) Added Chakram to the Mission Shop (25 tickets) Added Weapon Enchant Stone to the Mission Shop Change Emperium War Breaker Job to Rogue
  9. CHANGELOG 03/10/2021 Important Notes: For the rest of Best Guild Record periods, we have decided to not roll the castle since it will be unfair/unjustifiable for the previous defender of the castle who is holding and keeping their winning streaks. The Castle map will always be: Schwarzwald - Viblainn (SCH 3) Changes: Fixed Champion Arena NPC start hour description info, and in-game event notifications to adjust with the gameplay Added rework for "PVP Yoyo Mode" to "PVP Classic": Disable Custom Headgear (Mask of Berserk, Helm of Shadow, Peacock Hat, Mask of Death, Gambler Hat, Black Iris Crown) You can wear the headgear, but the effects are disabled Disable PVP Speed Potion. Enable No Recall and Recall Party options. Change PVP Classic Map to Izlude Added "Pet Groomer" NPC to Main Town (183, 208) Added other basic Elemental Arrows to "Ammunition" NPC at Item Mall Fixed "Dummy/Samsak Parameter" modifier not working in previous patch Change Jovian "Limited Headgear" Quest from Mask of Berserk to Fireman Hat Change Emperium War Breaker Job to Paladin Removed Aura Gacha Box Re-Add Garment Gacha Box to Cash Shop New Raffle Event: BALI FLIGHT TICKETS FOR THE GRAND PRIZE Updated Garment Gacha Box: Added New Top-Up Bonus Added New Refine Event Updated - Teaser for Aria Defense of the Ancient: - We are aiming to launch this instance within the next 2 weeks (we are working on this instance extensively to implement the map, test the bug(s), custom monsters etc, so please bare with us!!)
  10. CHANGELOG 03/03/2021 Fixed the description, NPC, and in-game notifications for Champion Arena. Change the Champion Arena Event start hours from Sunday 20.00 PM to Sunday, 21.00 PM (Server Time) Fixed the error limit of the 2nd (branch) guild which previously able to spawn more than 5 members in the WoE castle. Add notifications for the exceeded 2nd (branch) guild members if guild members are more than 5. Add Weapon Enchant Stone to Tree of Savior's Mission Shop Reward. Removed February Gacha Box Removed Garment Gacha Box Fixed Clucker Event so players won't able to use any skills while the event is ongoing. Emperium Breaker War changed to Gunslinger Add Two (2) New Sacred Weapon Add March Gacha Box Re-add 4th Job Gashapon Box to Cash Shop
  11. As Per Players' Request War of Emperium gears are now provided in Main Room This gear is to supplement the new players who want to join our WoE scene, the regular equipment that are permitted will still work in our BGR event LOCATION: Main Room [84, 68] PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: WOE Gears are sold in Zeny. WOE Gears will only be active during WoE time WOE Gears cannot be used for farming (it will be automatically unequipped from your equipment window outside of the WoE hours) WOE Weapon gears CAN be refined There will be ONE HOUR time window before WOE starts for equipment to be refined. WOE Armor gears CANNOT be refined. WOE Armor gears CANNOT be further enchanted. WOE Gears cannot be traded. LIST of WOE gears that are available: WOE ARMOR: [WOE] Meteor Plate [1] - 2.500.000 Z [WOE] Silk Robe [1] - 1.000.000 Z [WOE] Valkyrie Armor [1] - 10.000.000 Z [WOE] Valkyrie Shield [1] - 10.000.000 Z [WOE] Thorny Buckler [1] - 1.500.000 Z [WOE] Wool Scarf [1] - 1.000.000 Z [WOE] Tidal Shoes - 1.000.000 Z [WOE] Shoes [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Muffler [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Guard [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Buckler [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Orlean's Glove [1] - 10.000.000 Z [WOE] Orlean's Server [1] - 2.500.000 Z [WOE] Feather Beret - 5.000.000 Z [WOE] Yellow Bandana - 5.000.000 Z [WOE] Sunglasses [1] - 10.000.000 [WOE] Antique Smoking Pipe - 5.000.000 Z [WOE] Blush of Groom - 5.000.000 Z [WOE] Jasper Crest [1] - 5.000.000 Z [WOE] I LOVE CHINA - 5.000.000 Z [WOE] Well-Chewed Pencil - 5.000.000 Z [WOE] Clip [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Ring [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Earring [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Glove [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Brooch [1] - 300.000 Z [WOE] Rosary [1] - 300.000 Z WEAPONS: [WOE] Main Gauche [4] - 50.000 Z [WOE] Composite Bow [4] - 50.000 Z [WOE] Waghnak [4] - 100.000 Z [WOE] Chain [3] - 100.000 Z [WOE] Rod [4] - 50.000 Z [WOE] Pike [4] - 50.000 Z [WOE] Blade [4] - 50.000 Z [WOE] Harp [2] - 100.000 Z [WOE] Mace [4] - 50.000 Z [WOE] Violin [4] - 100.000 Z [WOE] Rope [4] - 100.000 Z [WOE] Infiltrator - 300.000 Z [WOE] Jur [3] - 100.000 Z
  12. VALENTINE'S DAY ARIA SCREENSHOT CHALLENGE! HOW TO JOIN THE EVENT?? Plan Your Valentine's Day Screenshot Theme Take a "In-Game Screenshot" of Aria Ragnarok Online. You may edit your photos to your liking, making it as creative, funny, (or) and unique as possible to win this event. Post your photo to Your Facebook page, don't forget to tag Aria Ragnarok (https://www.facebook.com/ariaragnarokonline) and 5 of your Facebook Friends in the photo! 🙂 Check if your posted photos are in "Public" settings so that everyone can see it. One (1) photo, is limited to 1 Facebook ID (Cannot post more than 1 photos, or multiple Facebook IDs) The winner will be decided by our GM Team. And the results are absolute. After you post the photo, take a screenshot of your post and put your IGN on our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ariaragnarokonline) or via Aria What's App Group (https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ifp7HoJdGbW7UoTB2NkbCe) The Deadline will be on Tuesday, February 16th 2021. at 11.59 PM (Server Time) REWARDS: POSITION 1: Sharon Jessica! CONGRATS!! You Get: 150.000 Cash Point 5 Bloody Dead Branch 10 Gacha box February Relic Garment box Limited Headgear Costume! POSITION 2: Iqbal Adiprawira! You Get: 100.000 Cash Point 5 Bloody Dead Branch 10 Gacha Box February Limited Headgear Costume POSITION 3: Lux Arcadia!! You Get: 50.000 Cash Point 5 Bloody Dead Branch 5 February Gacha Box Limited Headgear Costume PARTICIPANT REWARD: Irwanz Tan!! You Get: 20.000 Cash Point 2 Bloody Dead Branch Valentine's Hat
  13. NEW EVENTS! - Aria PVP Battle Event 7 vs 7 (3 Round Per Match) (Tournament) We are proud to announce our new weekly events will be PVP Tourney! _____________________________________________________ Location: Event Arena Room [Top Right] EVENT INFO: Start February 16th - February 25th, 2021. Scheduled for TUESDAY and FRIDAY. Start at 9.00 PM [Server Time] League System, or Point System will be used if there are only 3 groups participating or less. (Every group will be playing for total of 2 matches per period), and it will be Best of 3 winning system per match. Example: Team A Versus C Team A Versus B Team C Versus B Winner will be decided by total points of each period 1st Place (3 Points) 2nd Place (2 Points) 3rd Place (1 Points) RULES: REGISTER YOUR GROUP VIA DISCORD, FACEBOOK, OR DIRECTLY TO GAME MASTERS (GM, CM, CS ARIA) TO PROCEED/PARTICIPATE (Unregistered Group won't be allowed to join the match) Minimum Members in a group to participate: 5 (Five) Members Maximum Members in a group to participate: 9 (Nine) Members All Jobs are allowed (2-2 Transcendent) Multi jobs per group are allowed (2 Stalkers, 3 Paladins, 4 Assassins, etc) Disable Mini-Boss or MVP cards Disable Custom Job Headgear (Peacock Hat, Mask of Berserk, Mask of Death, Black Iris Crown, etc). Disable YGG Berry, YGG Leaf, YGG Seed, Token of Ziegfried. Disable Kafra Card (Kafra NPC will be provided in the safe zone) Disconnected players = death unless the fault is from the server (mass dc) Kafra NPC and NPC Healer will be removed once the battle starts POTS ALLOWED: PvP HP and SP Potions, Light Blue and Light White Potions, Blue and White Potions, Slim Potions and Speed Potions! Group(s) which is late for more than 5 minutes will result in an automatic defeat. Any bugs that are found need to be reported. Any group(s) or player(s) that are taking advantage of a bug will have their point deducted or even disqualification. NO CHEATING - GM HAS THE RIGHT TO OFFICIATE THE MATCH AND CONDEMN ANY CHEATING BEHAVIOR this includes WPE and Auto potion, and other illegal programs. POTS ALLOWED: PvP HP and SP Potions, Light Blue and Light White Potions, Blue and White Potions, Slim Potions. DISABLE ALL BUFFS UPON ENTERING (Including Soul Link Spirit) AVAILABLE BUFFS: Increase Agility Blessings Assumptio Free Dish +10 (will be given by clicking the Buff NPC before battle starts) GAMEPLAY: Gate Will be Automatically Open at 9.00 pm - Till Over [Server Time] Every Tuesday and Thursday Plan your strategy and form the registered group of 5 - 9 members Go to Event Warper Arena in Payon [168, 237] Click the "Tournament 9vs9" NPC and you will be spawned to the arena map Wait for Game Master (GM) to call your group into the arena Prepare yourself by clicking the Buff, and Storage NPCs before battle starts. ELIMINATE the other team COMPLETELY to win the round Players who are defeated will return to their saved area immediately (NO RESSURECTIONS) There will be 2 minutes break in between rounds. Winner will be decided by BEST OF 3 (THREE) and may proceed to the next match. REWARDS: 1st place: 1.500.000 Cash point 15x Bloody Branch 50x Box of Resentment 50x Box of Gloom 50x Box of Drowsiness 50x Box of Sunlight 100x Light Potion Box Each member will receive Super Saiyan 3 Costume Headgear! 2nd place: 750.000 Cash point 10x Bloody Branch 35x Box of Resentment 35x Box of Gloom 35x Box of Drowsiness 35x Box of Sunlight 60x Light Potion Box 3rd place: 350.000 Cash point 5x Bloody Branch 25x Box of Resentment 25x Box of Gloom 25x Box of Drowsiness 25x Box of Sunlight 40x Light Potion Box Participant: 150.000 Cash point 3x Bloody Branch 15x Box of Resentment 15x Box of Gloom 15x Box of Drowsiness 15x Box of Sunlight 20x Light Potion Box
  14. Newest NPC - Dish Exchanger - Trader Many players requested that we have to do something to their unused extra dishes. So here it is! Go to Main Town [Payon] and click the NPC [183, 224] Choose (3) dish of the same type to SELL (3 Hwergelmir's Tonic, 3 Steamed Scorpion, 3 Steamed Tongue, 3 Dragon Breath Cocktail, 3 Cooked Nine Tail, or 3 Stew of Immortality) Use your point to buy 1 Dish of your liking (The conversion is 3 to 1)
  15. (GMT +7) Episode 12 - Destruction of Morroc, Nightmare of Midgard WEEKLY Monday Lumberjack (19.00 - 20.00) Tuesday Mining (19.00 - 20.00) PVP 7vs7 Tournament (21.00 - end) Wednesday Maintenance (morning) Lumberjack (19.00 - 20.00) Thursday Friday Mining (19.00 - 20.00) PVP 7vs7 Tournament (21.00 - end) Saturday Mining (19.00 - 20.00) World Boss (20.00 - end) Sunday Lumberjack (19.00 - 20.00) Champion vs Champion Rumble (20.00 - 20.45) King of Emperium (21.00 - 21.45) PVP Reward MVP Rewad --------------------- DAILY Hunting Mission Emperium Breaker War (22.30 - 23.00) Celebration Ticket Hunt Fishing Potion Dungeon --------------------- List of Instances Endless Tower Tree of Savior Old Glast Heim and Emperor Shadow Faceworm Nest Nightmarish Jitterbug --------------------- Limited Exchange Sacred Weapon Zeny Gacha Machine V1 (Job 3 Costume) Zeny Gacha Machine V2 (Job 3 Costume JRO) Suit Gacha for Job 2 Costume Casino Room Aria Mistery Box Zodiac Costumes Gacha Box Suit Costume Enchant
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