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  1. ANOTHER CELEBRATION FOR UPCOMING RAFFLE REWARDS! SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE'S HOW YOU CAN GET OUR RAFFLE REWARDS THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO GET VIA ARIA RAFFLE QUEST! You will need the following items: 350x Clattering Skull 250x Poring Coin 150x 2 Carat Diamond 3x Agate 3x Rose Quartz 3x Biotite 3x Fragment Enchant Stone 15x Skull Fragments - Obtainable via PVP - and it's tradeable! 20% FLAT chance the items will be dropped from players when killed (Bubble Gum may not increase the drop chances) Only on PvP Free For All, and PvP Classic Map DROP HOURS (06.00 PM - 00.00 AM Server Time). 10.000.000 Zeny 50x Aria Ticket 30x Instance Ticket 5x Aria Celebration Ticket NOTES: THIS QUEST IS REPEATABLE UNTIL 13th of October 2021! LIST OF RAFFLE PRIZES THAT YOU CAN GET:
  2. NPC Location [Jovian]: Payon [168, 227] Requirements: 250x Red Bijou 250x Green Bijou 250 Blue Bijou 250 Yellow Bijou 3 Fire Dragon Scale 2 Ba Gua 50x Event Ticket 5x Aria Celebration Ticket 15.000.000 Zeny Rewards: 1x Cruiser Hat
  3. MILDEW GACHA BOX Tosca Season is already on the corner of the eye! GRAND PRIZE: C Gold Helm of Baal - 2% C Snow Flake Cape GRN - 1% C Green Fire Ball - 2% Costume Aura Spell Bound - 2% AND ANOTHER ITEMS SUCH AS: Devilring Hat - 3% Moon Rabbit Hat - 3% Enchant Garment Stone - 2% Weapon Enchant Stone - 2% Abrasive - 50% BDB - 10% Dishes +10 - 50% Enriched Elu x3 - 15% Enriched Ori x3 - 15% HD Elu - 2% HD Ori - 2%
  4. CHANGE LOG WOE EVENT CASTLE ANNOUNCEMENT: Thursday (09/016/2021) First Edition Castle: Payon - Sacred Altar - Added 2nd portal Monday (09/20/2021) Second Edtion Castle: Arunafeltz - Horn Please read forum below for any informations regarding Aria current ongoing events ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW: ARIA RAFFLE QUEST We decided to keep this thing a consistent matter, new raffle prizes can be obtained via Aria Raffle Quest ARIA RAFFLE (TOP-UP AND QUEST) PRIZES LIST: Aria Top - Up Reward: Updated: Aria Weekly Quest Updated: Jovian Headgear Quest NEW: Mildew Gacha Box Updated: Enchant and Refine Event Re-rolled Sacred Weapons for another 2 weeks Added: Enchanted Marble Edge - Merchant Bright's Killer - Knight Scorpion Bow - Rogue Added Instance Ticket: Finishing any Instance, will give you Instance Ticket(s) for you to be used at Instance Shop NPC via Instance Room. List of Tickets rewards: Endless Tower (Hard): 5 Tickets Endless Tower (Normal): 5 Tickets Aria Defense of the Ancient: 3 Tickets Tree of Savior: 1 Ticket Geffen Magic Tournament: 1 Ticket Jitterbug: 2 Tickest Faceworm: 2 Tickets Instance Tickets are not tradeable! Removed Speed Potion effect upon entering Castle Zones (War of Emperium) Removed Oni Gacha Box Added new costume to Aria Cash Shop
  5. September Gacha Box The Yin Yang of all trades ------------------ GRAND PRIZE Upper: Black Dragon Helm - 5% Middle: Black Fireball - 5% Lower: Black Gray Lighthalzen Aura - 5% Garment: C Light Darkness Wing - 2% AND OTHER ITEMS: Devilring Hat - 2% Moon Rabbit Hat - 2% Enchant Garment Stone - 1% Weapon Enchant Stone - 1% Steamed Tongue 2 pcs - 50% Steamed Scorpion 2 pcs - 50% Dragon Breath Cocktail 2 pcs - 50% Hwergelmir Tonic 2 pcs - 50% Cooked Nine Tail Tails 2 pcs - 50% Stew Of Immortality 2 pcs - 50% HD Oridecon - 2% HD Elunium - 2% Bloody Branch 2 pcs - 10% Token of Siegfried 1 Box - 50%
  6. CHANGELOG 09/01/2021 WOE EVENT CASTLE ANNOUNCEMENT: Thursday (09/02/2021) First Edition Castle: Payon - Bamboo Grove Hill Monday (09/06/2021) Second Edition Castle: Schwarzwald - Skidblanir UPDATED THE RULES, AND INFORMATIONS. PLEASE READ FORUM BELOW FOR FURTHER NOTICE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New: Top-Up Reward Updated: Aria Weekly Farm Quest Updated: Enchant and Refine Event New: September Gacha Box Updated: Re-rolled Sacred Weapon for another 2 weeks: Assassin Cross' Weapon: Death''s Dance Priest's Weapon: Sacred Sacrament Gunslinger's Weapon: Golden Jericho New NPC: Bushin (The Great Slot Enchanter) Bushin will boost your chance in slotting S Grade Equipment. (Double the chance of Seiyablem or Leiyablem - 5% -> 10%, 10% -> 20%,etc) S Grade Equipment includes Weapons and Armors Location: Payon (140, 147) You will need Miracle Stone (can be purchased via Cash Shop) 1.000.000 Zeny PVP Killing System adjusted: Players will not be expelled/kicked which previously prevented them from going in PVP Maps after slight kills on the same character over and over. In Exchange, they will be RED FLAGGED for 8 minutes and will not receive PVP Coins and further Kill Scores. There will be notifications if you've been Red Flagged upon entering the PVP Maps. Increased total kill numbers before players are Red Flagged. Removed August Gacha Box from Cash Shop Fixed Regeneration Potion Box buy amount on Aria Kids Shop Added more items to Cash Shop - Halter Rental, Infinite Kafra Shop, Remove Card Portable Coupon, Miracle Stone
  7. FIERY BLAZE SURROUNDING THE BRAVE FLAMING HEARTS ---------------- Costume Set Preview GRAND PRIZE: C Dread Lord RED - 2% C Evil Demon Wings - 1% Golden Wing Angels Ears Red - 2% C RED FLUS - 2% AND ANOTHER ITEMS SUCH AS: Raffle Gacha Ticket Coupon - 1% Peacock Hat - 3% Black Iris Crown - 3% Mask of Death - 3% Mask of Berserk - 3% Helm of Shadow - 3% Gambler Hat - 3% Old Dying Swan - 3% Enchant Garment Stone - 2% Weapon Enchant Stone - 2% Abrasive - 50% BDB - 10% Dishes +10 - 50% Enriched Elu x3 - 15% Enriched Ori x3 - 15% HD Elu - 2% HD Ori - 2%
  8. Based on previous 76th of Indonesian Independence Day Hype, we decided to keep the NPC Scavenging Hunt on point. We will roll the designated NPC for every 1 or 2 weeks. We wish you a happy scavenging! Find the NPC at Maintown (Payon 147, 227) He will ask you to bring these following items (08/25/2021): 1x Gun (Dropped from Aria Fiend) 25x Gun Powder (Dropped from Aria Fiend) 25x Bullets (Dropped from Aria Fiend) 100x Mole Claw 3x Aria Celebration Tickets 1.000.000 Zeny REWARDS: Get a chance to claim this Garment on every roll! (we will notify you if there's an update or item rollings). C WINGS Dogu! (09/08/2021)
  9. COMMENCING GOLDEN EMPERIUM SEASON 7 STARTING THIS WEEK, 08/26/2021 GOODLUCK FOR ALL GUILDS WHO ARE PARTICIPATING. WE WISH YOU A VIRTUOUS, AND FAIR BATTLE FOR EVERY PERIODS TO COME. WOE EVENT CASTLE ANNOUNCEMENT: Thursday (08/25/2021) First Edition Castle: Prontera - Gondul - Added 2nd portal Monday (08/30/2021) Custom Castle: Morroc - Fugiro UPDATED THE RULES, AND INFORMATIONS. PLEASE READ FORUM BELOW FOR FURTHER NOTICE. NO ALLY GUIDELINES FOR THE 7TH SEASON OF GOLDEN EMPERIUM, READ CAREFULLY. UPDATED: Winners for 17th Independece Day Banner Event Winners are absolute and have been decided by GM Team Please contact the GM team to claim the prizes Updated: Aria Weekly Farm Quest Updated: World Boss Rework We reduced the stat of the boss which previously was harder based on players' feedbacks. World Boss map will still be a non-PVP based map. New: Scavenger Item Hunt New!! - Hellfire Gacha Box Fishing rewards updated: Removed Relic Gacha Box for the first winner with the highest point Added Limited Costume Sale on Cash Shop which will occur every day from Thursday - Monday between 8 pm - Midnight server time. Token of Siegfried are now available to use (again) during Devil Square Instance Disable Bloody Branch which previously can be used on Guild Bases. To compensate this, we added MVP Room for rent (accessible at Maintown) MVP Room will provide room for party based team, or guild based team. There will be 15.000.000 rent fee, room will be available for 60 minutes. Removed Independece Costume Set from drop list. Thank you for all players who participated in the event :)) Added 1 more Spirit to MVP Gacha Box C REGIN PET Removed Bloody Moon Gacha Box from Cash Shop Removed Aura Gacha Box from Cash Shop and Added Garment Gacha Box back Fixed Clucker which was previously blocked any skill usage after the event is over.
  10. ONI GACHA BOX The Devil of the Japanese Tale with the physical twist of Samurai's intimidating look GRAND PRIZE: Costume Majestic Helmet - 2% C Profane Wings Red - 1% Costume Floating Shield - 2% Costume Taboo Cursed Scroll - 2% AND ANOTHER ITEMS SUCH AS: Devilring Hat - 3% Moon Rabbit Hat - 3% Enchant Garment Stone - 2% Weapon Enchant Stone - 2% Abrasive - 50% BDB - 10% Dishes +10 - 50% Enriched Elu x3 - 15% Enriched Ori x3 - 15% HD Elu - 2% HD Ori - 2%
  11. CHANGE LOG 08/11/2021: Golden Emperium Event - Season 7 - Please register your guild and cast your vote for the total member WoE Bronze Emperium EVENT - New Castle - Morroc Fugiro Castle NEW! Morroc Castle - FUGIRO (You will want to read the guide as there will be info on Control Device location, only 1 barricade can be built and no guardian stones). Guide: Updated: New Top-Up Rewards: Special Week: Old - Newest Costume Free Pick Updated: Jovian Headgear Quest Updated: Re-rolled Sacred Weapon for another 2 weeks Sagittarius Bow Runic Staff Updated: Aria Daily Login Updated: Enchant / Refine Event Updated: Guild Migration Box - Remove Cash Point from Member Migration Box - we feel that the Cash Point allocation should be given to the Leader Migration Box Increase Cash Point from Leader Migration Box from 300.000 CP to 500.000 CP NEW! : Oni Gacha Box Updated: Retro Gacha Box Reduced the chance of Nidhogg's Ability to cast Full Heal when in battle - Adjusted the 30% chance to cast 'Full Heal' (Spell Breaker only) to 10%. Remove Inferno Gacha Box
  12. Hi Aria! In order to celebrate the 76th year of Indonesia Independence day, GM Team would like to execute some mini event just for you! Costume Set: PANJAT ET (With GM Team) Any Party who finishes the last level of Endless Tower on 17th Day of August, will get these items for the leader: 100.000 Cash Points 10 August Gacha Box 1 Limited Costume for each of the party members Game Masters will follow you and help you if needed. Any information regarding this event will be notified via Discord or Aria What's App Group. 1 IP per 1 Costume. So if you want to help your friends for another run it's okay. But you can't claim the costume twice. LIMITED COSTUME: BANNER EVENT Choose one: Post a Screenshot, or Create a banner (without the in-game screenshots) as creative as possible. Aria Ragnarok Logo should be visible in the banner There will be no limitation of colours, placements, or compositions of the banner. You can do whatever you want! You can't duplicate/copy other people's banner. Post/Upload your banner to your Instagram or Facebook (choose one) and please include us (Aria Ragnarok) in your tagged post. Please ensure that your account is set to Public. We will only choose 10 WINNERS WITH THE BEST LOOKING BANNER Winners Decision will be decided by GM team and the result will be ABSOLUTE. REWARDS: 1st Winner 150.000 Cash Points 10 August Gacha Box 2nd Winner 100.000 Cash Points 10 August Gacha Box 3rd Winner 75.000 Cash Points 10 August Gacha Box 4th Winner 75.000 Cash Points 5 August Gacha Box 5th and above Winners 50.000 Cash Points 5 August Gacha Box The top 10 Banner, will get LIMITED COSTUME: PROCLAMATION MINI QUEST Aria Lady (Daily Login's Monster) will now drop Piece of Paper, Independence Pen, and Independence Stamp that you'll need to recreate the Proclamation Text. Drop rates are (without Bubble Gum and VIP): Pen (0.5%) Piece of Paper (1%) Independece Stamp (1%) This quest is REPEATABLE The requirements needed to finish the quest: 1x Independence Pen 25x Piece of Paper 25x Independece Stamp 100x Squid Ink 3x Aria Celebration Ticket 1.000.000 Zeny REWARDS (per roll) 2.500 Cash Point Random Items : Dishes, AB Scrolls, Giant Flywing, ETC AND LIMITED ITEMS IF YOUR ROLL IS LUCKY (20%): LIMITED GARMENT COSTUME: C Wings of Independence
  13. This Rare and Exotic Items are the only way to show who's the boss! What is MVP Spirit Gacha? Basically it's a Lower Costume that you can get via MVP Spirit Gacha NPC at Maintown. Can those spirit add statuses to our main character? No, but you''ll look badass wearing it. How can I get those exotic items? To get those items, you'll need: 4x Fragment Enchant Stone 10.000.000 Zeny Where do I find the NPC? Payon right next to the V2 Gacha Slot Machine (where Dice Lady used to be). Dice Lady is now in the Casino Room What are the odds of getting it? Chances are you only got 2% in order to obtain those items. If you're not lucky enough, You'll still get MVP Fragment for each roll, and can be traded for SPIRIT RANDOM BOX when you have at least a hundred (100x) of them. You can find the npc at mall (@mall) on the very right side of the room LIST OF SPIRITS: C Rock Step Pet C Pyuriel Pet C Lost Dragon Spirit C Sakray Spirit
  14. UPDATED: NEW EPISODE FROM 13.1 (JOURNEY TO THE NEW WORLD) TO 13.2 (ENCOUNTER WITH THE UNKNOWN). Help us to make sure that there is no bug and issues with the new updates, please report to the GM team if you find anything. --------------------------------- List of new map: Nydhogg Dungeon! It will follow the official way, you will need to do the quest and it will be instance based: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Nidhoggur's_Nest Custom adjustments: Shorten the instance delay to 2 days, adjust the drop rate and adjust the HP of Nidhoggr to 8.450.000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGE LOG 08/11/2021: WoE Bronze Emperium EVENT Updated: NEW WOE MAP - MORROC CASTLE NEW: Independece Day Event! Updated: Aria Weekly Quest Replaced Long Horn with Gungnir for Tree of Savior Instance Shop Reward NEW - MVP Shadow Gacha Spirit Disabled Token of Siegfried at Tarot/Quiz/Event map Disabled Cash Shop for Novice Poring Race event. Removed Player Kill (PK) system in World Boss Map.
  15. HELLO ARIA LOVERS NOTES: WE KNOW THAT THIS IS AN OFFICIAL RENEWAL INSTANCE, SO WE ADJUSTED SOME DETAILS WHICH RESULTED IN EASIER, POSSIBLE TO CLEAR, BUT STILL QUITE CHALLENGING TO FINISH THIS TOURNAMENT. GAMEPLAY (Please Read Carefully): Note1: You can not reenter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance. Note2: All tournament's monsters in this instance are Demi-Human only, and have Neutral, Ghost, and Earth element. Note3: This instance dungeon can only be entered by a solo party. Note4: Don't forget to talk to Emmitt White after exiting the instance to start the instance cooldown timer. Talk to Emmitt White in Instance Area (accessible from Payon or @instance) to start the quest. When instance is ready, click on Dimensional Device and select Enter. You have 2 hour to complete this instance. Talk to Receptionist (@gef 122,58) in south area, You register participation of tournament. You have to kill 1 Desert Wolf within 60sec by registration examination. Talk to Receptionist again, input your character name by register. Go to south water fountain's warp portal, start of the tournament battle. You will face 13 Enemies, each level will spawn stronger enemies. Fenrir (Boss Enemy) will be your last opponent Battle round has been imposed on time limit. (3min, Final round are 5min) You can get a Geffen Magic Tournament Coin and go to the next round if talk to Tournament Guide. Healer NPC will appear after you finish every round. After the tournament ends, you will be warped out from the tournament area. Talk to Fenrir's members around Geffen tower. Member will give you a random potion or Yggdrasil items. Go to northern Geffen's warp portal, exit this instance. Talk to Emmitt White again to the cooldown timer will start - This is super important NOT to miss. Talk to his again after 23 hours to repeat this instance. REWARDS: NOTES: EACH EQUIPMENT ARE BASED FROM OFFICIAL SERVER. BUT WE TWEAKED SOME OF THE STATS TO KEEP THE GAME IN BALANCE. PLEASE GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK! Geffen Magic Contest Coin Geffen Magic Contest Coins are small coins with a polished surface.It is used for trading in the Geffen Magic Tournament.These coins are obtainable through battles given in Tournament.With these Geffen Magic Contest Coins you can buy equipment. Equipment seller in Geffen's south. Sell List Name Position Cost Coin Magic Reflector [1] Shield 900 Revised Encyclopedia [1] Physical Intensifier Ring [1] Accessory 1350 Magic Intensifier Ring [1] Anti-Magic Suit [1] Armor 1800 Geffen Magic Robe [1] Enchant: Go to Enchant Room and find Geffen Enchanter NPC, you can enchant your Magic Armor or Accessory here. Possible Options: Enchant cannot fail, will give random status for each enchant We have removed the option to enchant the armor with random elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind)
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