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Weekly PVP Reward

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Hi Aria Community ^^,

We will have a new Weekly PVP Reward Event starting from August 19th 2020.


Rules :

*Killing continously using dual client is strictly prohibited, for those who get caught will receive punishment from the GM Team.

Reward :

1st Place : 75.000 Cash Point, 10 Light Potion Box, 10 Dish Set Box, Random Headgear Box and 1 Special PVP KING Costume (Rental)*

2nd Place : 50.000 Cash Point, 5 Light Potion Box, 5 Dish Set Box , Random Headgear Box

3rd Place : 35.000 Cash Point, 3 Light Potion Box, 3 Dish Set Box, Random Headgear Box

4th - 10th Place : 25.000 Cash Point, 2 Light Potion Box, 2 Dish Set Box.

Note : *This special costume will be given as a rental to the current holder of the 1st place. 

PVP leaderboard will reset after every Wednesday 00:00 GMT+7 time (Server time).


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