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Aria Maintenance 08/18/2020 - Patch Notes

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Change log:

  • PVP Coin will now have a chance to drop instead of 100% drop rate
  • PVP Battle Shop price adjustment
  • Killing too often on a very short period will result in a timeout from PVP room
  • Gacha Zeny Machine NPC is now available at Prontera -   Zeny Gacha Machine (3rd Job Costume)
  • Mini Bosses will now drop "Aria Ticket" - 25% drop rate
  • "Aria Ticket" will now be available at PVP Battle Shop
  • Weekly MVP Reward is now active - Weekly MVP Reward
  • Weekly PVP Reward is now active - Weekly PVP Reward
  • New characters will now join #global channel automatically
  • Change where the Counting Event NPC will appear in Prontera

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