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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 03/10/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGELOG 03/10/2021

Important Notes:

For the rest of Best Guild Record periods, we have decided to not roll the castle since it will be unfair/unjustifiable for the previous defender of the castle who is holding and keeping their winning streaks. The Castle map will always be: Schwarzwald - Viblainn (SCH 3)


  • Fixed Champion Arena NPC start hour description info, and in-game event notifications to adjust with the gameplay
  • Added rework for "PVP Yoyo Mode" to "PVP Classic":
    • Disable Custom Headgear (Mask of Berserk, Helm of Shadow, Peacock Hat, Mask of Death, Gambler Hat, Black Iris Crown)
    • You can wear the headgear, but the effects are disabled
    • Disable PVP Speed Potion.
    • Enable No Recall and Recall Party options.
    • Change PVP Classic Map to Izlude
  • Added "Pet Groomer" NPC to Main Town (183, 208)
  • Added other basic Elemental Arrows to "Ammunition" NPC at Item Mall
  • Fixed "Dummy/Samsak Parameter" modifier not working in previous patch
  • Change Jovian "Limited Headgear" Quest from Mask of Berserk to Fireman Hat
  • Change Emperium War Breaker Job to Paladin
  • Removed Aura Gacha Box
  • Re-Add Garment Gacha Box to Cash Shop
  • Updated Garment Gacha Box:
  • Added New Top-Up Bonus
  • Added New Refine Event

Updated - Teaser for Aria Defense of the Ancient: - We are aiming to launch this instance within the next 2 weeks (we are working on this instance extensively to implement the map, test the bug(s), custom monsters etc, so please bare with us!!)


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