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Aria GvG Tournament

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Hi Aria,

Event Time:

  • Scheduled for Monday and Thursday. Starts at 8:00 pm GMT+7. Every team will be assigned a time slot for the 1st elimination round. 
  • The first period of GvG will start September 3rd 2020. This event will have total of 6 periods (around 3 weeks). September 3 - September 21.

*will be allowed to do a player substitution as long as the GM team is given prior notice.

**minimum of 4 guilds must participate for the event to start.


  • 7 v 7
  • Cannot duplicate job / class (1 job / class each).
  • Skills disabled according to WoE / GvG restrictions (no Assumptio, no basilica, etc)
  • For every period, we will determine 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place. 1st place will get 3 points, 2nd place will get 2 points, 3rd place will get 1 point.
  • Best of 3 for each round.
  • Disable Mini Boss and MVP Card.
  • Disable YGG Berry, YGG Leaf, and YGG Seed.
  • Disable Kafra Card (Kafra NPC will be provided in the safe zone)
  • Disconnected players = death unless the fault is from the server (mass dc)
  • Buffs will be removed after the player being summoned to the waiting area (no dual buff outside the arena).
  • NPC Healer inside Safe Zone will provide Assumptio, Blessing, Agility and ALL DISH +10.
  • Kafra NPC and NPC Healer will be removed once the battle starts
  • There will be 2 minutes break in between rounds
  • Players who are defeated will return to their saved area immediately (no resurrection).
  • Every guild will receive 10x Light Potion Box (HP and SP)  for each period (1 day). If players feel that they require more pots, they can purchase light potion box at Item Mall or use vanilla consumables such as White Potion, White Slim Potion, Mastela Fruit, Royal Jelly, Honey, Speed Pot etc
  • Guild(s) which is late for more than 5 minutes will result in an automatic defeat.
  • Any bugs that are found need to be reported. Any guild(s) or player(s) that are taking advantage of a bug will have their point deducted or even disqualification.
  • NO CHEATING - GM HAS THE RIGHT TO OFFICIATE THE MATCH AND CONDEMN ANY CHEATING BEHAVIOR this includes WPE and Auto potion, and other illegal programs.


1st place:

  • RP 500.000 / $34****
  • 500.000 Cash point
  • 15x Bloody Branch
  • 30x Dish Boxes
  • 50x Box of Resentment
  • 50x Box of Gloom
  • 50x Box of Drowsiness
  • 50x Box of Sunlight
  • 100x Light Potion Box
  • Each member will receive Crown of Victory Costume

2nd place:

  • RP 250.000 / $17****
  • 250.000 Cash point
  • 10x Bloody Branch
  • 20x Dish Boxes
  • 35x Box of Resentment
  • 35x Box of Gloom
  • 35x Box of Drowsiness
  • 35x Box of Sunlight
  • 60x Light Potion Box

3rd place:

  • RP 150.000 / $10****
  • 150.000 Cash point
  • 5x Bloody Branch
  • 10x Dish Boxes
  • 25x Box of Resentment
  • 25x Box of Gloom
  • 25x Box of Drowsiness
  • 25x Box of Sunlight
  • 40x Light Potion Box

Participation Price:

  • 150.000 Cash point
  • 3x Bloody Branch
  • 5x Dish Boxes
  • 15x Box of Resentment
  • 15x Box of Gloom
  • 15x Box of Drowsiness
  • 15x Box of Sunlight
  • 20x Light Potion Box

***Will be given to the Guild Leader.

****rate will be adjusted based on the currency rate to Indonesian Rupiah

Aria 7v7 League.jpg

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48 minutes ago, WarMachine said:

Guild Name : War Machine

Guildleader : W4R Hidan

Guild Members :

W4R Konan

: W4R Deidara

: W4R Uchiha Itachi

: W4R Sasori

: W4R Kisame Hoshigaki

: W4R Uchiha Obito


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Leader: Solitaire


-Valar Morgoulis


-Magic Attack


-King Arthur


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Guild Name = Tweet Club
Guild Leader = Hao de Legendary
1. Hao de Legendary
2. Seinniee
3. JinHaoFrozenThrone
4. Minako
5. Auden
6. xiao bai long
7. Merlin

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15 hours ago, xeenn said:

Guild: Warlords of The Sea

Leader: Boa Hancock


-Dewey Finn

-Alison Parker


-Nakiri Erina




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Guild Name = Anti Kaleng Kaleng
Guild Leader = Prof Abal Abal
1. Prof Abal Abal
2. Instrumentional
3. V e n
4. LeeN
5. Fenrir
6. Whos Your Daddy
7. Tukang Tambah SP

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