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Aria Maintenance 03/17/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGELOG 03/17/2021

  • Added new Evil Gacha Box:
  • New Sacred Weapons: 
  • Added new Auras obtainable from Aura Gacha Box: 
  • Updated the Sacred Weapon Refine Event to include the new weapons: 
  • Reworked KoE Event Registration: 
  • Removed Garment Gacha Box from item shop
  • Added new costume to card exchanger
  • Removed Angel Gacha Box
  • Removed Mask of Death and Gambler Hat from Item Shop
  • Added Peacock Hat and Helm of Shadow to Item Shop
  • Reduced Dragon Bane Damage on +8 refine from 15% increase to demi human to 10% increase to demi human
  • Reduced the skill damage increase of Peacock Hat, Mask of Death, and Mask of Berserk - With the new weapons added to the game (new episode, instance, sacred weapons, etc) we decided it's time to adjust the damage of the headgears. We are keeping Black Iris Crown, Gambler Hat, and Helm of Shadow unchanged for the time being.
  • Added Giant Fly Wing from event ticket
  • All participants for Champion vs Champion event will now need to register for each week to be added to the bracket
  • Change Emperium Breaker War job to Assassin Cross

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