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Aria Maintenance 08/26/2020 - Patch Notes

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Patch Note 826.jpeg

Change log:

  • Add new Cash shop Item.
  • Picture and Video Contest Closed.
  • August Heroes Quest Closed.
  • Weapon Refinement Event Closed.
  • August Costume Gacha Box Deleted.
  • Add new Nickname Change Ticket in Cash Shop.
  • Fix Bug and Error
  • Additional Aura NPC to display aura after lvl 99
  • Garment Costume can now be enchanted - will require Garment Enchant Stone (will get random effect of Matk 1%, Atk 1%, HP 1% or ASPD+1)

List of New Events:

  • Aria Guild versus Guild Tournament Registration: 
  • Add new Donation Reward: 
  • Add new Brave Warrior Quest: 
  • Add Mask of Berserk Refine Event: 


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