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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 03/31/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG 03/31/2021

BGR INFO: We have added 1 period to commemorate Good Friday on April 2nd 2021, so there will be no BGR Activites on Friday this week. BGR will now end on April 13th 2021.

  • UPDATED Aria Defense of the Ancient (Launch Week):
    • Fixed bug in which Crypt does not spawn in Medusa once the Ally Tower has been destroyed
    • Fixed bug to end instance when Medusa dies
    • Fixed bug with Lady Jungle spawns incorrectly
    • Removed Land Protector from Enemy Tower
    • Added Ancient Armor sets into the Tower Defense Gacha Box 
  • UPDATED Armor Sets from Aria Tower Defense are now implemented!
  • UPDATED Sacred Weapon for Knight, and Merchant Classes
  • UPDATED Guild Migration Reward Box
  • UPDATED Champion Versus Champion (New Season)
  • UPDATED Garment Gacha Box
  • ADDED April Gacha Box to Cash Shop
  • Fixed CvC NPC Description from Sunday 21.00 to Friday 22.15 PM
  • Emperium War Breaker Job changed to Creator

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