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Mining NPC

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Hi Aria Members!


In this topic, I'd like to explain how the Mining NPC works.

The Mining Event / NPC will only occur on certain time and day.

The Mining NPC located in Prontera (164 , 153).

Once you are in the area, you will need to purchase a Pickaxe from the Mining Shop NPC.

Please equip the Pickaxe before you start. Simply click on the Mineral around the map and you will start digging!

There are many items that you can get from this event. It will use point system for each item that you get.

Tier 1 (1 Point) - Elunium and Oridecon

Tier 2 (3 Point) - Enriched Elunium and Enriched Oridecon

Tier 3 (4 Point) - Fragment Enchant Stone (To be used for 3rd Job Costume Enchant),  you will need 20 pieces of fragments to create 1 Enchant Stone.


Fragment Enchant Stone exchange NPC located in @mall command.

Every week the point will be reset and 3 Top Rank Mining will receive Special Costume in their mail box every Sunday 23.59 PM (GMT +7).

Mining Rank NPC located in Prontera (164 , 158).

Mining Event will be held on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday every 19:00 - 20:00 (GMT +7).


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