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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 04/07/2021 - Patch Notes

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 CHANGE LOG 04/07/2021:

  • Fixed Aria Defense of the Ancient wave monster for not grouping and scattered throughout the map are now binded near each other.
  • Increased the rate for Aria Tower Defense box Ancient Armor to 8% from 3% previously
  • MVP from Aria DotA Instance will now drop 3x Tower Defense box instead of 2
  • Added MORE HAIRSTYLE to the Stylist NPC (need some change for the fashion, eh?)
  • Updated Champion Versus Champion PVP Map are now automatically removing all equip (and costume) upon entering. EXCEPT Weapon and Accessories. 
  • Emperium War Breaker job changed to Gunslinger
  • NEW - Golden Emperium Season 5 Announced: 
  • NEW - Streamers and Guild Masters Benefits! please read forum below: 
  • Added new command Show Party Buffs to the game (@spb) so now you can track each member's buff through Party Windows that are in the same group.


Format: [BAFS+] Nickname

B: Blessing

A: Agi

F: Full Chemical Protection

S: Soul Linker's Spirit

+: Devotion

  • Ended Top-Up Raffle event (GM team will stream for the winner this evening).
  • Added new feature to the game: Daily Login/Daily Attendance
  • Added New Top-Up Reward 04/07/2021
  • Added Retro Gashapon Box to the Cash Shop: 
  • Updated Jovian Headgear Quest:


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