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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 04/28/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG (04/28/2021)

  • Updated Client-Side: Removed Aria Login.exe and we decided to keep the classic one. Please update your patcher and use our new and freshly made Aria Patcher V2 (No more ALT+F4 when switching characters!)


  • Updated 9v9 PVP Event Rules and Informations (please read carefully):
  • Updated Garment Gacha Box costume:
  • Updated Aura Gacha Box costume:
  • Updated new items for Sacred Weapon:
  • New: Aria Kids Shop (please read forum or try it yourself)
  • Removed Fragment Enchant Stone as one of the requirement to enchant Aria Ancient Armors.
  • Removed Moonlight Flowers and Dracula MVPs in Devil Square
  • Added Lord of the Dead and RSX-0806 as Devil Square new MVPs
  • Added new informations to Command List NPC at Newbie Room.
  • Added 10 more fashion items to Cash Shop.
  • Fixed any cursor bug which previously doesn't show up on unwalkable maps.
  • Fixed CVC Room to be unable to use any dish buff +5 or +10 which previously abled to do so.
  • Fixed the extra two hotkeys (F12) to be able to view certain new items. Ex: Acid Bottle, Ammunitions, Bloody Branch, etc. Now you can track the ammount of certain items before it runs out.


Ex: Acid Bottles, and Arrows

  • Increased Aria Ticket drop chance from Waste Stove/Old Stove Monsters. 
  • Reduced the minimum members needed from 5 person to 3 person in party upon entering the Old Glast Heim instance.
  • Changed Emperium War Breaker Job to Assassin.

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