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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 05/05/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGELOG May 5th, 2021:

  • Updated! 4th Golden Emperium Rules and Informations (please read carefully) - We have updated the terms and conditions for the participation prize, PLEASE READ THIS THROUGHLY. Also winner costume prize announced
  • Updated, Rules for 9v9 Weekly Event with new Tournament format explained. Please read the changes to job changer, battle coin and acid bottle rules.
  • Added New Top-Up reward: - Added RP 5.000.000 and RP 10.000.000 special prize
  • Added new Enchant and Refine event:
  • Added May Gacha Box to the game:
  • Added new Jovian (Headgear) quest:
  • Updated: New Items for Retro Gacha Box
  • Added GE List Guild Tracker NPC to Main Town


  • Added Dice Lady Event Ticket mini game at Main Town.


  • Increased Aria Battle Coins from 5000 to 10000 (No Restocks! read the forum for the new rules).
  • New rules for Job change and Acid bottle for 9v9 tournament.
  • Added Average DPS Counter on Dummy (now you can track your average damage every 5 seconds interval).
  • Added more garments to Cash Shop.
  • Added Vending Area NPC Warper from Main Town.
  • Added Mall Area NPC Warper from Main Town.
  • Added more items to Event Ticket Exchanger.
  • Fixed Novice Status and Skill Bugs when exiting the 9v9 event.
  • Fixed Novice Sacred Weapon Keyblade descriptions.
  • Emperium War Breaker Job changed to Monk.

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