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Aria Maintenance 05/19/2021 - Patch Notes

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Change Log:

  • [Updated] Retro Gacha Box: 
  • [Updated] Aria Headgear Quest - Jovian: 
  • [NEW] Top-Up Raffle Prizes: 
  • [NEW] Top-Up Bonus: 
  • [NEW] Blue Angel Gacha Box: 
  • [Updated] Enchant and Refine Event: 
  • WoE Periode 4 and 5 Castle Announcement:
    • Thursday 20/05/2021 - SE Sch 1 - Himinn

    • Monday 24/05/2021 - FE Payon 3 - Holy Shadow

  • Disable Death's Dance [Assassin Sacred Weapon] on WoE Map

  • Reduce the damage of Magnum Break by 10% - Based on the sequence that we saw from last GE period, we feel that a slight adjustment is needed. It will reduce the damage slightly, but still keeping the spirit that the damage is based on the official Ragnarok Calculation. We believe with this slight change, with the right card reduction and other elemental proofs the damage of Magnum Break will not change the direction of the WoE too much.

  • Balancing of Sagittarius Bow on +8 refine:

    • Reduce the Increased damage when equipped with steel arrow from +15% to +10%

  • Fixed the description of Ancient Bracer [Dota's accessory] to also include HP+300

  • Fixed the bug on Sacred Weapon NPC on Enchant Room

  • Fixed the bug on Faceworm Instance where player would receive a crash log before the final boss

  • Fixed [WoE] Thorny Buckler to have combination effect with Horn of Buffalo

  • [Removed] Aura Gacha Box

  • [Added] Garment Gacha Box

  • [Added] Smurf Guild to list of Golden Emperium Guilds

  • [DISABLED] EMPERIUM BREAKER WAR - We are working on revamping the Emperium Breaker Contest, we run into a few bugs, we will work on it this week and make sure it's ready for next week. So, for the time being it will be offline! Sorry about the inconvenience...



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