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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 05/26/2021 - Patch Notes

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To all of our Buddhist friends, we wish you all a peaceful Vesak Day. And happy holiday to everyone!

To commemorate this, we will start DOUBLE DROP event untill 06.00 PM Server Time.

CHANGE LOG (05/26/2021): 

  • War of Emperium periode 6 and 7 castle announcement:

              Thursday: Arunafelt 2 - Cyr

              Monday: Schwarzwald 2 - Andlangr

  • Added New Costume to Cash Shop
  1. C Bread Bag
  2. C Sniper Google
  3. C Happy Lunatic Hanging Ear
  4. C Beginner Cap
  5. C Flying Galapago
  6. C Believer's Mask
  7. C Alice Wig
  8. C Teddy Bear Hood
  • Added new Weekly Farm Quest
  • Added new items to Tree of Savior Mystic Shop list
  • Update Tree of Savior instance to have 6 hours cooldown from 12 hours.
  • Re-rolled Sacred Weapon to Runic Staff and Sagittarius Bow for the next 2 weeks.
  • Added new feature to Endless Tower Hard Mode
  • Added new feature for Faceworm Instance: Giant Snake Skin Enchantments (please read forum):
  • Added new announcement to the game ("For players who experienced lag/freeze issue on the IDN Connections, please try switching to SGP Proxy").
  • Fixed the enchanting error for Meteor Plate/Legion Plate that was previously converted automatically to Full Plate after the enchantment is finished.

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