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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 06/02/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG (06/02/2021):

  • Update the Wednesday weekly tournament to be 7v7 instead of 9v9
  • War of Emperium periode 8 and 9 castle announcement:

Thursday (06/03/2021) FE Castle: GEFFEN 5 - MERSETDEITZ

Monday (06/07/2021) SE Castle: ARUNAFELTZ 3 - HORN

You can also track the winner, and the total members of each guild per periods. Kindly read forum for the latest information regarding WoE schedule and informations:

  • New Feature: Battleground!
  • New Top-Up Reward
  • New: June Gacha Box
  • Updated: Jovian Headgear Quest:
  • Updated: Weekly Farm Quest
  • Updated: Aria Refine Event:
  • Updated: Retro Gacha Box 
  • Updated: Aura Gacha Box
  • Fixed Royal Guard Necklace costume be in Middle Headgear as it's part of the Top-up Set for Retro Gacha Box
  • Removed Job 4 Gacha Box and Add Aura Gacha Box

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