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Instagram Video Contest

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Hi Aria Members,


To celebrate our first monthsary, We will have a new event starting September 10th 2020. We welcome all the International players to participate on this event as well.. 

The event will require player(s) to post a video on their Instagram Account, here’s the rule :

1. Follow Our Instagram account @ariaragnarok

2. Post the video to your Instagram account and don't forget to mention @ariaragnarok

3. Tag and Mention your 5 friends and use #AriaRagnarokOnline #AriaVideoContest.

4. The video can be in the form of animation or in-game footage, self-made animation or other modifications. Video content can be an introduction of Aria Ragnarok Online, your experience playing on this server, and other creative ideas

5. The maximum video duration is 1 minute and the limit for posting videos is 10th October 2020

We will look for 2 winners, the first winner is based on the judgment of the Aria team, the second winner is based on the posts with the most likes.

Winner will be announced on 11th October on our Instagram account

Top 2 videos will be rewarded with these prizes:

Best Video : 100.000 CP , limited Costume Upper, 10x Enrich Elu / Ori (choose one) , Safe Refine +6 Armor & Weapon.

Favorite Video : 75.000 CP , limited Costume Upper, 8x Enrich Elu / Ori (choose one) , Safe Refine +5 Armor & Weapon.


All the participants will be rewarded with :

25.000 CP , 3x Enrich Elu / Ori (choose one), 1 random headgear box.

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