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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 06/30/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG(06/30/2021):


  • Thursday (07/01/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Arunafeltz - Horn
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Viblainn
  • Monday (07/05/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Andlangr
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Hljod

Please read forum for further WOE Informations and updated score


  • New: Anti Bot/Auto-Farming System: in response of players, and to keep the farming process fair and square (cause we love farmers, why not?), we decided to give this new implemented thoughts another green light.
    • How does it work?
      • At Random (ONLY WHEN HUNTING), there will be a single pop-up notifications.
      • Your character will be in freeze state and prompted to answer a simple and easy question.
      • if you answered correctly, your character will unfroze itself and may continue hunting.
      • if you fail to answer 3 TIMES IN A ROW, you will be teleported automatically to a map in which your character will face 1 HOUR jail time (you cannot use @load, @afk, or reduce the hour sentence by simply disconnecting). 
      • Example of the question.


  • Updated: Aria Weekly Quest:
  • New: July Gacha Box
  • Updated: Jovian headgear quest
  • Updated: Enchant and Refine Event
  • [NEW] Gacha Bandit - ZENY!!
  • Updated: Top-up Event
  • Added more and more Hairstyle to the game
  • Added more costume to Cash Shop.
  • Added CVC PVP Map kill announcement.
  • Changed the colour of CVC PVP Map Notifications upon entering to be easier to read.
  • Fixed Champion VS Champion PVP map from previously able to use food dish inside of the map.
  • Fixed Champion VS Champion PVP map for your character not to be kicked if you kill the same opponent multiple times.
  • Fixed Champion VS Champion event to automatically debuff any food dish upon entering the map.
  • Increase the PvP Police strictness on PVP room (outside of CvC room) - You will get kicked out more often now if you dummy kill another character

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