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Updated to Episode 13.2 - Encounter With The Unknown √ó
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Aria Maintenance 07/07/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG(07/07/2021):


  • Thursday (07/08/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Arunafeltz - Cyr
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Himinn
  • Monday (07/12/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Skidbladnir
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Andlangr

Please read forum for further WOE Information and updated score


  • NEW Emperium Breaker War [NEW CONCEPT]
  • New Weekly Quest
  • Updated Retro Gacha Box
  • Updated Aura Gacha Box
  • Updated Lumberjack Gacha Box Costume (Aria Kappa Box)
  • Updated Sacred Weapon List
    • Scorpion Bow
    • Flare Whip
    • Enchanted Huuma
  • Added Prize to Battleground - Hero's Pendant - See details in the forum below
    • Removed Acid bottle box from the Tool Dealer in Battle Preparation Room
    • You will be given 1x small acid box (contains 5x Acid Bottle set) for each time you change job to Alchemist and Biochemist
  • Adjusted Emperor Set (Old Glast Heim) when refined to +7
    • Added Emperor Stone as requirement to refine past +4
    • Added Emperor Exchanger
  • Added New Costumes to Event Ticket Exchanger
  • Added Fix to WoE Consumables such as Glistening Coat, Awakening Potion, Berserk Potion cannot be used outside of the castle (aru_gld and sch_gld)
  • Disabled Orleans Glove on Champion Vs. Champion Tournament Arena (does not affect the Champion vs. Champion Room)
  • Updated command list board in Newbie Room
  • Updated Login screen background

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