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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 07/21/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG(07/21/2021):


  • Thursday (07/21/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Andlangr
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Himinn
  • Monday (07/26/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Hljod
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Arunafeltz - Horn

For further informations and updated scores, please visit forum below:


  • NEW: Aria 1st Anniversary Raffle Quest
  • New Top-up Event / Bonus
  • Updated: Aria Daily Login
  • Updated: Jovian Headgear Quest
  • Updated: Aria Weekly Quest
  • Updated: re-rolled Sacred Weapons for another 2 weeks
    • Shining Claws
    • Elder Book
    • Keyblade
  • Updated: Refine and Enchant Event
  • NEW - Bloody Moon Gacha Box
  • NEW: Inferno Gacha Box
  • Old Glast Heim Updated: Heroes Pendant (items needed to upgrade Shadow Armors) can now be obtained by killing: 
    • Emperor Kyte
    • Emperor Soul

Each boss, will drop 2x Heroes Pendant. Read forum below for further informations

  • Adjusted Emperium Breaker Wars
    • Fixed Emperium from previously abled to dupe itself (multiple spawn) if players didn't break or enter the event arena after certain time limits.
    • Every hit on emperium will now be fixed damage (1 damage), the winner of every round will be the person who inflicts the last hit.
    • Removed Increase Agility and Blessing Scrolls from Omicron Box Reward
    • Added Giant Flywing and Light Potion Box to Omicron Box Reward

For further informations please read forum below:

  • WOE Gears are now equipable inside of Maintown (Payon), Guild Bases, and WOE Castles. It will be automatically removed if you teleport, warp, or recalled outside of the maps given. The purpose of this adjustment, will allow players to refine the gear or to prepare builds for different characters that will be war ready for Emperium Battles.
  • As a lot of you have asked, enchanting Ancient Armor will result in the refine level to reset back to 0, exactly the same as the regular armor enchantment process
  • Reduced the Cash Point in the Guild Member Migration Box from 25.000 CP to 15.000 CP
  • Added [PvP] Bottle Grenade, [PvP] Acid Bottle, and [PvP] Poison Bottle within Tool Dealers, these supplies can ONLY be used inside of PVP Map.


  • NEW! - Blacksmith Dister (MASTER REFINE)
    • This will allow you to safely refine any equipments without worrying of a chance to break
    • We will be very careful in limiting the distribution of the items. So it won't be super easy to reach the end game. 


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