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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 07/28/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG(07/28/2021):


As we have received many complains in regards to the server lag, we have finally found a solution which we believe will improve the performance of the server. We have looked into some options, but we did not want to risk going to any random hosts that might jeopardize the server performance even further. So here is what we do:

We moved our server to Google which obviously have quite good reputation 'understatement of the year' - again we know everything is not given, so we hope you understand this Thursday will be our real test if the server holds up better or not. We appreciate your patience and support. Thank you ARIA !

P.S. We did not cut corner, we still have our old host active, so in any case we can always go back to our old host in the next Maintenance, but obviously that is the last thing we'd hope for.


  • Thursday (07/29/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Viblainn
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Skidbladnir
  • Monday (08/02/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Arunafeltz - Banadis
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Himinn

For further informations and updated scores, please visit forum below:


  • Updated: Aria Weekly Farm Quest
  • Updated: 1st Anniversary Raffle Quest
    • We reduce some of the items needed to complete the quest, please give us your feedbacks!
    • We also added another cool extra costume included to players who are willing to finish this quest multiple times!
  • NEW: MVP Recycle System
  • Updated: Retro Gacha Box


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