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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 08/04/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG 08/04/2021:


  • Thursday (08/05/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Hljod
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Arunafeltz - Horn
  • Monday (08/09/2021)
    • Golden Emperium Castle: Arunafeltz - Cyr
    • Silver Emperium Castle: Schwarzwald - Viblainn

For further informations and updated scores, please visit forum below:


  • NEW: Geffen Magic Tournament SOLO Instance!
  • Updated: Top-Up Reward
  • NEW: August Gacha Box!
  • Updated: MVP Recycle System now includes Moonlight Flower, Egnigem Cenia, and RSX:
  • Updated: Headgear Weekly Quest (Jovian)
  • Updated: New Costume for Gacha Bandit Zeny
  • Update: Enchant and Refine Event
  • Updated: Aria Weekly Quest
  • Updated: Sacred weapon rerolled to Twin Slicers, Dragon Bane, and Azure Guitar.
    • Changed Dragon Bane's item requirement from Long Horn to Gungnir
  • Added Ancient Civil Man, Black Tail Ribbon, and Cat Ear Beret to Cash Shop in Permanent Equipment section.
  • Reduced Gacha Bandit Zeny requirement per roll from 25.000.000 to 20.000.000 Zeny.
  • Fixed issue with PvP Coin not dropping
  • Adjusted Zeny received on Guild Migration Box. Leader will now receive 50.000.000 Zeny and Member will receive 5.000.000 Zeny
  • Added C Doppelganger Spirit (2%) to Gacha Bandit and Gacha Slot Machine (Both V1 and V2).



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