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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 08/18/2021 - Patch Notes

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CHANGE LOG 08/11/2021:

  • Golden Emperium Event - Season 7 - Please register your guild and cast your vote for the total member
  • WoE Bronze Emperium EVENT - New Castle - Morroc Fugiro Castle
  • NEW! Morroc Castle - FUGIRO (You will want to read the guide as there will be info on Control Device location, only 1 barricade can be built and no guardian stones).
  • Guide:




  • Updated: New Top-Up Rewards:
    • Special Week: Old - Newest Costume Free Pick
  • Updated: Jovian Headgear Quest
  • Updated: Re-rolled Sacred Weapon for another 2 weeks
    • Sagittarius Bow
    • Runic Staff
  • Updated: Aria Daily Login
  • Updated: Enchant / Refine Event
  • Updated: Guild Migration Box - Remove Cash Point from Member Migration Box - we feel that the Cash Point allocation should be given to the Leader Migration Box
    • Increase Cash Point from Leader Migration Box from 300.000 CP to 500.000 CP
  • NEW! : Oni Gacha Box
  • Updated: Retro Gacha Box
  • Reduced the chance of Nidhogg's Ability to cast Full Heal when in battle - Adjusted the 30% chance to cast 'Full Heal' (Spell Breaker only) to 10%.
  • Remove Inferno Gacha Box

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