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[NEW] King of Events

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Hello Fellow Aria Players

Aria daily events just got better. Introducing.. Aria King of Events. You will be rewarded for your effort and skill in winning all of the daily events that we have in Aria

the NPC will be at Payon Maintown (178, 240)


     Here is how we calculate our points:

  • Disguise: Count for 1 point per right answer
  • Find the Mushroom: Count for 4 points per mushroom that you find
  • Poring Catcher: Count for 15 points for each time you find the right Poring
  • Counting Games: Count for 3 points for each correct answer
  • Last Man Standing: Count for 20 points for the Last Man Standing
  • Devil Square: Count for 30 points for everyone who finishes the event

     You will be able to track who is currently making the Top 3 and you can also compare it with your own point(s).

     This counter will be reset every week  - Wednesday 00:00 server time.

      Prize for 1st Place:

  • Costume MVP (Middle) - Weight +1000 - Rental for 1 week


       Prize for 2nd Place and 3rd Place:

  • Costume Hades Helm (Upper) Weight +500 - Rental for 1 week


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