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Halloween Quest Event

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Introducing Halloween Quest Event



  • Find "Devil Dungeon" NPC in the main town (Prontera)
  • You can enter the dungeon everyday between 6PM GMT+7 - 23:00PM GMT+7
  • PVP Mode On
  • List of monsters will duplicate Niflheim
  • Every Monster will be drop “devil coin” chance drop 10%dzwdeHA-G6v1_vdcNUoKotHk5kIRH7CfbeZs7nyV
  • Every 200 Coins can be traded for Halloween Mystery Box LN9njFNNCyADFLRBuz6HhGCKrr9s6C0vCliDOGxDat mall area


List item box:

  • 1x Dish Box
  • 1x VIP 1 Day
  • 1x Costume Spirit Aura Black
  • 1x Costume Broomrider Hat
  • 1x Costume Night Spell Broom
  • 1x Costume Black Elven Ears




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