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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 09/29/2021 - Patch Notes

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  • Thursday (09/30/2021)
    • Second Edition Castle: Schwarzwald - Hljod
  • Monday (10/04/2021)
    • First Edition Castle - Aldebaran - Neuschwanstein
  • Please read forum below for any informations regarding Aria current ongoing events


  • Top - Up reward (September 29th - October 13th)
  • Updated: Castle for WOE Training Edtion for this week (09/29/2021):
    • First Edition Castle: Prontera: Skoegul
    • For futher information please read forum below:
  • Updated: Re-rolled Sacred Weapon for another 2 weeks
    • Enchanted Huuma
    • Flare Whip
    • Keyblade
  • Updated: Jovian Headgear Quest
  • Updated: Enchant and Refine Event.
  • Updated: Aria Weekly Quest
  • Added new costume for Lumberjack Aria Kappa Box
  • New - Added Sin X Versus Sin X Map


  • Fixed Bright Killer [3] Knight's Sacred Weapon description which previously say "One Handed Sword" instead of Two Handed.
  • Added INT + 3 to Flare Whip (Gyspy Sacred Weapon)
  • Removed Castle Warper which previously can be accessed via WOE Information Schedule NPC
  • Auras Effect will now be visible without you have to set the /effect to on.
    • To disable it, use @show_auras
      • @show_auras 0: Auras appears on all characters
      • @show_auras 1: Aura is only displayed on your character
      • @show_auras 2: Disable displaying auras.

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