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Aria Ragnarok


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Aria Drafting WOE [TRIAL]

Friday 21:00 – 22:00 server time (GMT+7)
For this event, we will use Arunafeltz Castle (Cyr)

Discord Registration Link: https://discord.gg/Hg5SY8v4


What Is Aria Drafting WOE?

  • WOE with Draft System
    • The WOE scheme is carried out with a draft (selection) of players made by the team captain. The Game Master selects the Team Captain a few days before the player draft (selection) process is carried out.
  • Roster Determined by Game Master
    • The roster is determined with the same job and proportion that is adjusted to the number of players who have verified the presence of WOE.
  • Player Verification
    • Each player verifies with the system that has been determined by the Game Master. The verification system will be explained further.
  • Equipment dan Rations are Provided
    • Game Master will provide equipment and rations that can only be used in the Draft WOE map. Players can access equipment and rations at the NPCs provided in the area specified by the Game Master.
  • Team is classified by colors

Red Team Base (Left Side Map)


Yellow Team Base (Upper Side Map)


Green Team Base (Right Side Map)


Blue Team Base (Bottom Side Map)



  • Regulations and Penalties
    • The WOE draft has rules and penalties which are detailed in Aria Ragnarok Discord. If there are things that are unclear and not understood, you can ask the Game Master.
  • Point is decided if one team successfully wiped out the opponent team (1 point per wiped out)
  • Point will be calculated during Drafting WOE by GM Team
  • No Portal Camping
    • If a player is caught portal camping to other Guilds who are in the middle of a war (GVG), his/her guild will be unregistered.
  • No Random Slowing/DFM (Gypsy's Skill)
    • If a player (Gypsy role) is caught random slowing other Guilds who are in the middle of a war (GVG), his/her guild will be unregistered.
  • No Sandwich Gaming
    • If a guild or players are attacking (or cast any skills) other guilds who are in the middle of a war (GVG), his/her guild will be banned for the next WoE.
  • No Toxic
    • if a guild or players are proven to be toxic, we will not hesitate to take actions. Guilds or player will be ban for 2 WoE Periods if he/she is proven to be toxic. (for example : insult someone in terms of  Religion, Race, Parents, ETC)
  • Active time: 1 hour
  • Players without guild will be automatically kicked out of the castle
  • You need to register to enter the WoE castle
  • GM team has the right to review all of the recordings available to determine and prove that there is a foul play involved
  • Fixed delay on True Sight skill which impacts the spam rate / delay of Arrow Shower
  • All equip and ransum has been provided
  • Added 6 more warps
  • Guild emblem change are allowed but:
    • You must use an emblem or you might be disqualified for the day (potentially might result in point deduction as well)
    • Your emblem must not duplicate other guilds
    • Your emblem must not be transparent in color or very hard to spot
    • Your second guild emblem will need to closely resemble the first guild (different color is okay, but the overall image needs to be the same)
  • Since the Drafting trial will begin this week, any feedbacks occuring will be put into account, details will be added into the forum as we progress through trial and errors. Thank you.



  • Join Aria Drafting WOE Discord channel by the given linkhttps://discord.gg/Hg5SY8v4
  • Team Leader will be selected one day before Draft begin. Which is in Wednesday. Anyone can apply to be the Team Leader.
  • Register your name via #gatepass Channel (follow this template), and ask your Guild leader to verify your registration below:
    • Your guild leader then proceed to verify your registration by simply tick or giving any emoticon in response that you are giving the right informations in order to fully registrate.


  • And then choose your role preference. You may select and write more than just one.


  • CONGRATS! You are full registered


  • Create A Level 1 Novice Characters
  • Go to Draft Pick WOE NPC at Maintown (Payon)


  • Make sure that your Character Weight is ZERO


  • You will be warped into a Drafting WOE Preparation Map. 100 Zeny and 10000 Aria Battle Coins will be given automatically as you enter the designated map.
    • Aria Battle Coins will be used to buy equipment and any other items to provide you in the war
    • The Equipment and items provided can only be used for Aria Drafting WOE event.
    • Aria Battle Coins are limited, so use it wisely! Do not spend Aria Battle Coins for unnecessary items.
    • There will be NPCs such as
      • Auto Leveling + Job Changer
      • Refine Master
      • Apprentice Craftsman (To enchant your armor, we tweaked the NPC a little bit so it will give you 100% chance for the armor to be fully enchanted.
      • Tool Dealers
      • Card Remover
      • ETC





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