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Updated to Episode 13.2 - Encounter With The Unknown ×
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Aria Maintenance 10/28/2020 - Patch Notes

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Change log:

  • Remove PVP Consumables NPC
  • Add Cultivation Pill and PvP Speed Pot to Special Tool Dealer
  • Switch the Devil Dungeon and Hunting Mission NPC location
  • Added a room for Server Information NPC, Job master and Reset Girl
  • Added Epic Weapon Gacha Box as one of the items in NPC Gacha Zeny Machine
  • Added World Boss NPC: 
  • Added Tree of Savior Solo Instance NPC: 
  • Added Potion Dungeon NPC: 
  • Added November Gashapon Box: 
  • Removed October Gashapon Box
  • Added Casino Royale NPC (COMING SOON!)

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