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Server Update [18/11/2020] - NEW EPISODE [UPDATED]

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Aria Ragnarok Server Update


Hi Aria, we are excited to announce a few major updates coming up for next week Maintenance [18/11/2020]:

  • Update to Episode 11.3 [Nameless Cursed Abbey ~ Third Story of Arunafeltz], this update will also include:
  • Update to Old Glast Heim Instance:
    • MVP miscellaneous items will no longer needed
    • Normal mobs inside OGH (except the Maggots) will have a chance to drop Coagulated Spell.
    • Emperor Key will only drop 1 piece each from Amdarais and Corruption (No longer 1 pc per person on the map).
    • Exchange 2x Emperor Key and 200x Coagulated Spell for 1 piece of Shadow Gear Costume (Weapon / Armor / Shield / Manteau / Shoes / Acc Left / Acc Right) 
  • Added Flaming Ten-gallon Hat and Elmo Helmet to Item Mall
  • Added delay to Sonic Blow and also Bowling Bash skill
  • New Instances (Will rollout throughout the upcoming maintenance): 
    • Hard mode on Endless Tower - Live!!
    • Easy mode on Endless Tower - Delayed (need rework)
    • Faceworm's Nest - Projected for upcoming maintenance
    • Nightmarish Jitterbug - Projected for upcoming maintenance

- GM Team

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