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Aria Ragnarok

Aria Maintenance 05/05/2022 - Patch Notes

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We need one more guild (to make it a total of 3 alliances) to register for our Golden Emperium to start the event. In the meantime we have changed daily WoE to King of Emperium Event.

We moved the day back to Monday and Thursday

Training Edition will be moved to Wednesday

Please register your guild for our Golden Emperium event in our Discord channel

Join our Discord Channel here


For more information regarding the King of Emperium Event, please read the thread below






  • New : Fox God Hair Recolor


  • Updated: Aria Weekly Quest
  • Updated: Jovian Headgear Quest
  • Added New Garment Costume and Headgear on Cash Shop
  • Rotate Sacred Weapon Box from D -> A
  • WoE Training Edition - Moved to Wednesday
    • Castle: Gondul
    • Monster:
      • Tatacho
      • Bradium Golem
      • Rata
      • Duneyr
      • Ghostring
      • Orc Lord
  • Back to old Warper System
  • Ended Event Ramadan
  • Live Raffle by CM Jessica Tonight!

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