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  1. CHANGELOG: 06/12/2021 Golden Emperium season 6 Announcement: Golden Emperium Season 5 remaining castle announced: 10/06/2021 - Viblainn (Sch 3) 14/06/2021 - Sacred Altar (Payon 4) 17/06/2021 - Gefn (Aruna 4) Updated the Sacred Weapon NPC: Death's Dance Sacred Sacramenti Golden Jericho World Boss Rework: Reworked: Potion Dungeon Increase Tree of Savior Instance player limit from 3 to 4 Updated Aria Weekly Quest: Change 7v7 Classic Weekly Event starting time from 9.30 to 10.00PM Added new VPN Proxy/Shared Network Connections to the server, if you keep experiencing lags, please try to switch between Proxies. Updated the Gacha Machine V1 and V2 to include 3 new items: C Seraphim Wing C Ghostring Tall Hat Blue And Fireman Hat[1] Changed Zodiac Egg Gacha requirement @mall: Added new channel for GE 6 registration in our Discord Added new channel for GE 6 vote in our Discord Added @nobc command to temporarily disable PVP broadcast / announcer Added @antilag command to use both @packetfilter and @viewfilter simultaneously in order to reduce latency. Disable usage of Bank in Battleground map (7v7) Updated 150k Top-up bonus box to also include Increase Agility and Blessing Scroll (2 pieces each) Updated 150k Top-up bonus box to now only include 3 enriched elu box Removed C Little Bloomy Wings from Gacha Machine V1 and V2 Fixed bug from Thorny Buckler, and Valkyrie Manteau that will cause MVP monsters to teleport instantly (Still follows the same setting as official RO which means that there is still a chance that the monster will teleport when hit with reflect damage) Fixed Isilla Card bug (no instant cast)
  2. Aria RO Golden Emperium Event [SEASON 6] 14 Periods - Starts June 24th 2021 Monday and Thursday 21:00 - 22:00 Server Time (GMT+7) TBD (based on vote) members total - Alliance Allowed Vote will be closed Wednesday, June 23rd 00:00 Server Time (GMT +7) This Event, we will have two events - Golden Emperium and Silver Emperium Rules (We may add a few more): The two events will have separate point, if you conquer Silver Emperium you will get 1 silver point and has nothing to do with Golden Emperium point Each of the events will have their own set of prizes. You will need to fight for which event you will be more focused on Both of the events will all be in Second Edition Castle Participation prize will be given regardless if you join Golden Emperium or Silver Emperium You can invite other guild(s) to become your Guild Alliance (right clicking and inviting their member to become your guild alliance) - TBD BASED ON VOTE RESULT You can only register / invite up to 2 guilds, any other ally guilds will have to be outside Ally No Mini Boss and MvP Cards Minimum of 3 guilds to register before the event can start Active time: 1 hour Total of Members: TBD members per guild. Alliance will be allowed. Every guild will need to register to join the event (to be counted towards the point). (Okay to join in the middle of the event, the participation prize will be reduced based on the number of periods left) Every guild who has registered in our Discord (Aria-Ge6-Registration) regardless of when they join, can claim a point in this Golden Emperium event for 1st place and runner up place Unregistered guilds may enter (or if you're a solo party poopers player, but you won't score any points). Players without guild will be automatically kicked out of the castle Castle will be Second Edition Disable Loki's Veil Disable Speed Potion Disable Box of Sunlight Castle holder for each period will get 1 point Disable Custom Headgear (Peacock hat, Mask of Berserk, Mask of Death, Black Iris Crown, Gambler Hat, Helm of Shadow) If your guild has more than the total allowed member within the active castle, the excess member will get kicked out of the castle. All guild is forbidden to use any rolling castle method (use second guild / ally guild to break the Emperium in order to defend the castle and regain control). The guild(s) which get caught using this method or tactic will be disqualified. IF there are 2 guild(s) or more ended up with the same amount of points at the end of the Golden Emperium Event, the total prize would be shared. Each of the guild leaders would be given set of consumables to AID them during the Golden Emperium event. Consumables will be given before the day of the WoE. Every guild will receive the same amount (NO EXCEPTION!) Guild emblem change are allowed but: You must use an emblem or you might be disqualified for the day (potentially might result in point deduction as well) Your emblem must not duplicate other guilds Your emblem must not be transparent in color or very hard to spot Golden Emperium Event Prize: Winner: (with most points) RP 5.000.000 (can be converted to USD based on the exchange rate) 3.500.000 Cash point 50x Bloody Branch 500x Box of Resentment 500x Box of Gloom 500x Box of Drowsiness 500x Box of Sunlight 500.000.000 Zeny 1x Costume for each of the members - Special Costume - Garment (your guild emblem will be displayed at the back) Job 3 JRO V1 costume of your choice (1 item per GUILD not member) Job 2 costume of your choice (2 item per GUILD not member) 10x Weapon Gacha Box 1x set of Valkyrie Armor, Valkyrie Manteau, Valkyrie Shoes, Valkyrie Shield 1x Horn of Buffalo 1x Variant Shoes 1x Bloodied Shackled Ball 2x Sacred weapon free pick 50x Gashapon box (can choose between the available boxes) Runner up: (Minimum TBD members) RP 2.000.000 (can be converted to USD based on the exchange rate) 1.500.000 Cash point (Based on the average of 20 people online, the cash point will be adjusted based on the actual average of online members per period) 30x Bloody Branch 250x Box of Resentment 250x Box of Gloom 250x Box of Drowsiness 250x Box of Sunlight 1x Costume Headgear - TBD (Based on the average of online members) 5x Weapon Gacha Box Job 2 costume of your choice (2 item per GUILD not member) 150.000.000 Zeny 1x Sacred Weapon free pick 25x Gashapon box (can choose between the available boxes) Silver Emperium Event Winner: (with most points) RP 1.500.000 (can be converted to USD based on the exchange rate) 2.500.000 Cash point 35x Bloody Branch 300x Box of Resentment 300x Box of Gloom 300x Box of Drowsiness 300x Box of Sunlight 200.000.000 Zeny 1x Costume for each of the members - Special Costume - TBD Special Aura for the Winner Job 4 costume of your choice (1 item per GUILD not member) Job 2 costume of your choice (1 item per GUILD not member) 3x Weapon Gacha Box 1x Horn of Buffalo 1x Variant Shoes 2x Sacred weapon free pick 20x Gashapon box (can choose between the available boxes) Participation: (Minimum TBD average members online prize will be adjusted) RP 700.000 - RP 1.000.000 (depending on the vote result) - STRICT RULES APPLY, PLEASE READ AT THE END OF THE FORUM POST (based on TBD people online on average) 500.000 Cash point (Based on the average of TBD people online, the cash point will be adjusted based on the actual average of online members per period) 15x Bloody Branch 100x Box of Resentment 100x Box of Gloom 100x Box of Drowsiness 100x Box of Sunlight Job 2 costume of your choice (1 item per GUILD not member) 10x Gashapon box Bonus Prize: - INVITE GUILD, GET REWARDS! - If you can invite another guild to join GE in Aria Ragnarok until the event is over, you will get IDR 250k at the end of the event per guild invited. Terms & Condition for Bonus Prize : Any Guild Masters whose guild are invited by another guild must reconfirm the invitation (both sides have to confirm to the admins) before claiming the rewards. The guild invited must be a new guild that hasn't joined Aria Ragnarok Golden Emperium (or WOE Events) since the 3rd Period. PLEASE READ THE RULES ACCORDING TO THE PARTICIPATION PRIZES DOWN BELOW Golden Emperium Participation Terms & Condition below. Minimum 3 Guilds Joining Golden Emperium event Minimum Participation Member (TBD Average Online Players) until GE Ends. Have to participate in all the periods since they have joined the event (meaning if a guild join in the 3rd period, it has to finish the GE until the 14th period to claim the prize) The participation prize will be deducted 35.000 RP per player below the listed number of max player per guild. Average will be counted at the end of the season. Have to have above TBD online players on average to claim the prize Your guild has to be active for the MAJORITY of the WOE duration. No AFKs. If you are caught with Dual logins (AFKs), the participation prizes will be voided for your guild. DO NOT abuse the participation prizes in any shape or form, we are more than happy to give out these prizes but please be fair! Guild(s) which participate less than 6 periods will not be eligible for the participation prize. Guild Migration Package: http://www.aria-ro.net/forum/index.php?/topic/61-guild-migration-aria-ragnarok-updated/ WoE Gears List: - Will be active during WoE time and can be purchased with Zeny
  3. Periode 8 Winner BlackJack Smurf: 0 Smurff: 0
  4. Periode 4: Winner BlackJack Guild Name: BlackJack Members online: 20 Guild Name: BlackJacks Members online: 20 Guild Name: Black Jack Members online: 18 Guild Name: Help Us Members online: 17 Guild Name: Paradis Members online: 20 Guild name: Parasite Members online: 17 Guild name: Paradah Members online: 18 Guild name: Paradox: Members online: 12 Guild Name: Smurf Members online: 20 Guild Name: Smurff Members Online: 3 Guild Name: RBT Members Online: 20 Guild name: Ribet Members Online: 8
  5. Hi Aria This Topic will be used to help you to browse through the list of ongoing events and activities in Aria For the complete list for each day, click here Golden Emperium Event Top Up Bonus Raffle Bonus Refine Event Limited Headgear Quest Weekly 9v9 RIC Style Tournament [Job 2-2] Weekly Champion vs Champion Tournament Emperium Breaker Contest Lumberjack Mining Fishing Aria Kids World Boss Daily Login Reward Angel Gacha Box Monthly Gacha Box Retro Gacha Box Garment Gacha Box Aura Gacha Box 4th Job Gacha Box
  6. This Topic will help you to find all the links to our instance guide Aria Defense of the Ancient Old Glast Heim Tree of Savior Endless Tower Faceworm's Nest Nightmarish Jitterbug
  7. Change Log: [Updated] Retro Gacha Box: [Updated] Aria Headgear Quest - Jovian: [NEW] Top-Up Raffle Prizes: [NEW] Top-Up Bonus: [NEW] Blue Angel Gacha Box: [Updated] Enchant and Refine Event: WoE Periode 4 and 5 Castle Announcement: Thursday 20/05/2021 - SE Sch 1 - Himinn Monday 24/05/2021 - FE Payon 3 - Holy Shadow Disable Death's Dance [Assassin Sacred Weapon] on WoE Map Reduce the damage of Magnum Break by 10% - Based on the sequence that we saw from last GE period, we feel that a slight adjustment is needed. It will reduce the damage slightly, but still keeping the spirit that the damage is based on the official Ragnarok Calculation. We believe with this slight change, with the right card reduction and other elemental proofs the damage of Magnum Break will not change the direction of the WoE too much. Balancing of Sagittarius Bow on +8 refine: Reduce the Increased damage when equipped with steel arrow from +15% to +10% Fixed the description of Ancient Bracer [Dota's accessory] to also include HP+300 Fixed the bug on Sacred Weapon NPC on Enchant Room Fixed the bug on Faceworm Instance where player would receive a crash log before the final boss Fixed [WoE] Thorny Buckler to have combination effect with Horn of Buffalo [Removed] Aura Gacha Box [Added] Garment Gacha Box [Added] Smurf Guild to list of Golden Emperium Guilds [DISABLED] EMPERIUM BREAKER WAR - We are working on revamping the Emperium Breaker Contest, we run into a few bugs, we will work on it this week and make sure it's ready for next week. So, for the time being it will be offline! Sorry about the inconvenience...
  8. (Upper) C Divine Fury Blue - 5% (Mid) C Kardui Ears - 5% (Low) C Aura Spell Bound Blue - 5% (Garment) C Blue Angeling Wing- 2% Fireman Hat - 2% Blazing Soul - 2% Enchant Garment Stone - 1% Weapon Enchant Stone - 1% Steamed Tongue 2 pcs - 50% Steamed Scorpion 2 pcs - 50% Dragon Breath Cocktail 2 pcs - 50% Hwergelmir Tonic 2 pcs - 50% Cooked Nine Tail Tails 2 pcs - 50% Stew Of Immortality 2 pcs - 50% HD Oridecon - 2% HD Elunium - 2% Bloody Branch 2 pcs - 10% Token of Siegfried 1 Box - 50%
  9. LIST OF PRIZES: NEW: For Every RP 6.000.000 or 410*, players will receive cashback worth of 1 gram of Antam gold. 1 HD Elunium x10 2 Sagittarius Bow (Sacred Weapon) 3 50.000.000 Zeny 4 Black Musang Hat 5 Enchant Costume 3rd / 2nd Job (Choose 1 Stone) 6 Hermode Cap 7 Weapon Enchant Stone x3 8 Aria Ticket x50 9 150.000CP 10 Orleans Glove x3 11 100.000.000 Zeny 12 SAFE REFINE +6 ARMOR 13 Gacha Box bebas pilih x20 14 CASINO COIN 100 15 Garment Gacha Box x20 16 200k CP 17 KEYBOARD GAMING 18 Fragment Enchant Stone x20 19 Death's Dance (Sacred Weapon) 20 MOUSEPAD GAMING 21 SAFE REFINE +6 WEAPON 22 250.000.000 Zeny 23 Elder Book (Sacred Weapon) 24 4TH GACHA 30 BOX 25 COSTUME RELIX BOX (RANDOM) 26 SAFE REFINE +7 ARMOR 27 JOB 2 FREE PICK 28 1x Ancient Armor (Free pick 1 piece) 29 C Archangel Wing 30 Bloodied Shackle Ball 1x 31 BDB 25x 32 C Gaea Wing 33 VARIANT SHOES 34 C Valkyrie Wing 35 FREE ENCHANT GARMENT 36 SAFE REFINE +7 ARMOR 37 RELIC FREE PICK 38 C Fiend Wings 39 MOUSE GAMING 40 60x Fragment Enchant Stone 41 FREE ENCHANT COSTUME - Costume Job 3/ JRO/ Job 2 or Garment Enchant 42 500K CP 43 2x Free Pick Sacred Weapon (past and current) 44 Horn of Buffalo 45 Tower Defense Box x20 46 Ice Pick [1] 47 FREE SUMMON MVP 1x 48 JOB 3 ALTERNATIVE FREE PICK 49 JOB 3 Free Pick 50 Virtuoso RGB WIRELESS SE High-Fidelity Gaming Headset + Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset Stand with 7.1 Surround Sound
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