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Aria Streamer + Guild Leader Referral Code and Benefit

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Hi Aria!

We are happy to announce that we will now start referral code benefit for all the Guild Leaders and Streamers in Aria Ragnarok.

Wizzzzard - Twitch

Here is how it works:

  • Every streamer will get 50.000 CP per video (starting 07/04/2021) - the video should be at least 15 minutes and should be up at least for a week (removing the video will disqualify you for future claims)
    • Please send a message to our admins via our Whatsapp group (click here) or Discord channel (click here) or simply send us a private message in game to claim your streamer exclusive headgear and sign up for our streamer program 
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  • Every Guild leader of an active guild* and streamer** can now receive a referral code that can be shared to their peers. Every time a donation is made with your referral code being mentioned, you will obtain 10% Cash Points of their donation.
    • Please ask GM in game or any of our Social Media platforms to be given a code.

*Active Guild: Participate in current WoE Events

**Streamer: Have a track record of video streaming related to Ragnarok Online (not exclusively Aria Ragnarok) 

Extra Incentive:



If you can invite another guild to join Golden Emperium in Aria Ragnarok until the event is over, you will get IDR 250k at the end of the event per guild invited. Please see this page for more info and rules.



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